Inspired Commitment offers a number of workshops and seminars on an ever growing variety of relationship related topics all with one thing in mind:  moving  you toward more positive, mutually empowering, committed relationships!

In addition, presentations can be custom tailored to fit a particular organization or group’s needs in terms of both time and content.

The following represents my current offerings:

Building Emotional Connection

  • Importance of emotional connection
  • Recognizing and working with your unique style of emotional connection
  • Recognizing and  working with your partner’s style of emotional connection
  • Validation, the key to deeper connection
  • Blessed Vulnerability
  • Next Steps

Offered in both 90 minute Seminar and 4 hour or 8 hour workshop formats.

This particular offering  can also be presented as a 1 hour Key Note Address to jump start your group or organization’s special event.

90 minute presentation includes a comprehensive written handout

Personal, Building Emotional Connection With Men  two & three day retreats by arrangement


Communication Essentials

  • Basics of effective, compassionate communication
  • Levels of listening
  • Avoiding the “unexpressed expectations trap”
  • “Arguing to come to an understanding”, learn and agree on  proven strategies to manage disagreements before they occur
  • The power of perspective, learn effective strategies to keep an “open mind”
  • Strategies to improve your own “self management”, and capacity for connection that work, even when you and  your Partner are “stressed”
  • New beginnings, How a  Designed Alliance can benefit any relationship
  • Next Steps
  • Offered in 4 or 8 hour workshop formats.


Designed Alliance

  • Communication essentials
  • Discover the freedom and power of conscious, mutually empowering committed relationships
  • Avoid the pitfalls inherent in all relationships that just develop on their own
  • Discover your and your Partner’s deepest, most dearly held values and their role in building a loving relationship that will stand the test of time 
  • Learn how to consciously reconcile your needs with those of your  Partner
  • Identifying and avoiding the “exit plan” trap
  • Begin the process of designing your Alliance
  • Learn key strategies for keeping your precious loving, committed relationship “alive” as you and your Partner grow and change over time
  • Next steps
  • Comprehensive Designed Alliance Workbook

Currently offered in private two day retreat format and 6 hour workshop with follow up conference call


Before You “Tie the Not

  • What living together really means
  • Avoiding the “exit strategy trap”
  • Avoiding the unexpressed expectation trap
  • A better way forward
  • Next Steps

Currently offered in a highly focused 90 minute seminar and 4 hour workshop formats.

90 minute offering includes comprehensive handouts to designed to stimulate further self discovery and provide actionable steps to keep you moving toward your relationship goals.