Transforming Anxiety, Fear and Doubt into Decisive, Fulfilling Action, Part Two


In last week’s post, I began a discussion about how anyone can learn to transform challenging emotional states into decisive, fulfilling action.

Today’s post will continue that discussion.

We all get ‘stuck’.

Feeling ‘challenged’ is an inevitable part of life.

Keys to Transforming Anxiety, Fear, and Self-doubt into Decisive fulfilling Action

  • Take your time and remember to ask for support
  • Enlist your body’s support in releasing the tension associated with the feelings
  • Make amends with yourself and others when called for
  • Always celebrate your efforts

Take your time and remember to ask for support

Strong emotions can take some time to process.

It can be like peeling an onion as one feeling can uncover others.

Sometimes, just when we feel that we have completely worked through some difficult feelings, some other circumstance ‘triggers’ more of the same feelings.

When this happens understand that you are working through a deeper emotional scar and know that this too shall be processed and transformed.

When getting in touch with and processing strong, deeply rooted feelings patience and self-love are the keys to your success.

Expressing your feelings out loud can help you experience and process them more fully.

All mental and emotional states are by their very nature, transitory.

Remember to ask for support, if you need it.

Enlist your body’s support in releasing the tension associated with the feelings

Try and locate where you are holding the physical tension associated with the feeling(s) in your body.

Feelings always have a somatic component to them.

Anyone can learn to uncover where in their body they are holing onto a particular feeling.

Typical places in our bodies where we tend to ‘store’ our feelings:

  • Our solar Plexus
  • Our shoulders
  • Our neck
  • Our throat
  • Our lower back
  • Our heart cave
  • Our face
  • Our forehead

The next time you are experiencing a strong emotion about something, close your eyes and try and experience where your body is holding onto the tension associated with that particular feeling.

For example, when I am feeling angry I generally have strong physical sensations in my solar plexus and, on occasion, also in my forehead.

The next step is put your hand or hands over that area, send loving energy to that spot, and ask you body to gently relax that area.

With practice anyone can learn to locate exactly where in their body they store the tension associated with particular types of feelings.

Why bother?

Emotional trauma is stored in our bodies.

It can lead to disease, especially of the digestive, pulmonary, neuroskeletal, endocrine, and nervous systems.

Symptoms typically include digestive and breathing difficulties, feeling overly tired, even ‘depressed’, muscle stiffness and generalized physical discomfort and / or pain.

Releasing the tension associated with emotional trauma is therefore essential to maintaining good physical health.

If you have been through some heavy emotional stuff, get a message and allow yourself to cry, laugh, etc.

Just be sure that inform your Massage Therapist that you are releasing some muscle / somatic tension.

Sexual intimacy is also a great way to get in touch with and release the tension associated with emotional trauma.

Make amends with yourself and others when called for

If you have injured yourself by not adequately dealing with your feelings about a particular life event, please forgive yourself and let go of any guilt.

Similarly, if your feelings are being ‘triggered’ because you injured another person then make amends.

This is one of the benefits of a heart felt apology.

Most of us have experienced the psychological, emotional, and physical release that comes with a heart felt apology.

Always celebrate your efforts

This is a very important step.

Guys please let this idea sink in.

I have found that folks, especial us guys, generally just don’t acknowledge themselves for their efforts.

It’s not just about the outcome or result.

It truly is the striving that matters, regardless of the outcome.

Learning is impossible without some failure.

From one perspective the more that you allow yourself to fail, the more you can learn and grow.

Ever watch a toddler learning to walk.

They take a step or two, fall down, go plop and up they get.

They often laugh cry and express their joy of learning through all kinds of facial expressions.

I sincerely hope that you found this post inspiring and useful.

I am here if you need me.

I invite you to support our community by posting a comment or question on my blog. I am here if you need me.

See you next week.

Live, connect, love and prosper

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