Time to Stand up and Shine!


We have all met people that are just ‘comfortable in their own skin’.

There is just something about them that is interesting, attractive, and even reassuring.

Such people simply put us at ease.

When in the presence of such people we feel more comfortable just being ourselves.

We feel safe so we tend to be less self conscious and more open.

So, what prevents some people from fully showing up as they are?

The simple answer is fear; Fear of being of being rejected.

The solution is to cultivate a progressively deeper level of self-acceptance and yes, self-love.

This is one of the main reasons behind my strong and repeated emphases on the importance of cultivating self-acceptance and the piece de resistance-self-love.

Self-acceptance and self-love form the foundation of self-trust.

In order to build trust with others, we must first learn to fully trust ourselves.

This may sound odd but we must feel safe and secure within our own being for others to feel safe and secure around us.

The more we simply accept and love ourselves, the more we are able to fully and completely show up as ourselves.

This is sometimes referred to as ‘authenticity’.

The more fully we accept and love ourselves for who we are- beautiful human beings that are in the process of realizing our full potential- complete with a complex multitude of virtues and faults- the more we can confidently fully show up as our ‘authentic selves’.

So far, so good?

Some people that I have met have some aspect of themselves that they are ‘not comfortable with’ and therefore try to hide from public view.

This is because they have consciously or unconsciously convinced themselves that others will reject them if they let this side of themselves ‘sneak out’.

To be fully authentic, we must be willing to be fully seen for all that we are.

We are all works in progress-complete with a multitude of virtues and vices, strengths and weaknesses, talents and deficiencies.

No two human beings are exactly the same!

When we’re able to fully embrace all aspects of ourselves it creates an air of ‘calm self-confidence’ that simply puts others at ease and is, frankly speaking, almost irresistibly attractive.

This, my friends, is the honey that attracts the bees!

It is more powerfully attractive than that sexy cocktail dress or that perfectly tailored three-piece suit.


These are just ‘packaging’ and while dressing up and looking good may get the conversation started, it doesn’t provide the ‘substance’ that people (at least the ones that read this blog) are truly looking for.

So instead of investing money, time, and effort in your wardrobe, hair style, or other superficial accouterments – try doing some inner work that will actually attract the kind of person that is truly worthy of your company.

Authentic, self-confidence and building deeper connections

Finally, I would like to point out that the more we accept and love ourselves, the more we are able to collaboratively create that wonderfully comforting and reassuring safe and secure environment in which romantic love really thrives.

You see, this sort of calm, unassuming self -confidence invites cooperation, collaboration, sharing, and openness; all of the things that you need to be present to make the most of your relationship opportunities.

So, the next time that your gremlins try to tell you that you aren’t good enough as you are, thank them for their concern and reaffirm your own inherent self-worth as a beautiful, one-of-a kind work of art that is not yet finished!

Now get up and go look in the mirror and celebrate the awesome, beautiful, exceptional human being that you know that you are in your soul.

And go out into the world and stand up and shine!

Live, Connect, Love, and Prosper!

See YOU next week!

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Comment by stephen light
March 12, 2013 @ 9:24 am

Hi Ron

This is a brilliant piece. The part of me I don’t accept is the shadow part I tend to hide from the world. This is the part that drains my self confidence and affects the way I show up in the world. Part of my journey is embracing these parts and coming to terms with them. Even trying to love them as they all serve a purpose in me.

Thanks for shining the spotlight on them

Love & Courage

Comment by williamtrimpi
March 12, 2013 @ 8:57 pm

Hi Ron–i really relate to trusting self—it’s been a long journey building it-Rainbows-Bill

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