Time to Get Really MAD!


This week’s post is intended to get you unstuck and moving forward on your path to love and fulfillment.

I’ll just cut to the chase.

I want to inspire you really to get really MAD- motivated, authentic, and determined.

Become Motivated

One of the biggest obstacles to forward progress on the path to love and fulfillment is:


Sometimes we just find ourselves ‘stuck’, seemingly going ‘nowhere’.

Sound at all familiar?

When this happens it can be very useful to ‘shake things up a bit’.

The following exercise may help.

To make the most of what follows, you will need to be alone and have some time to process what comes up for you.

Ready to dive in?

I invite you to get in touch with the number one thing in your relationship life that’s ‘bugging’ you right now.

Got it?

How are you feeling?




I invite you to pay special attention to any negative feelings that you are experiencing around your biggest relationship issue.

Be with your pain.

That’s right, I am asking you to immerse yourself in whatever is really bugging you.

Now, turn up the ‘volume’ on all of that negativity.

Stick with it.

It will be worth it.

Now ask yourself:

What would it be like to live the rest of my life with ___insert your issue here_________ left unresolved?

Did anything ‘shake loose’ for you?

Here’s the idea behind all of this.

We often simply avoid facing and dealing with the things that cause us the most pain.

The pain is still thereas are all of the tendencies of thought, feeling, speaking, and acting that perpetuate our pain and contribute to our feelings of being stuck.

Avoiding it simply postpones the inevitable and keeps us stuck.

Life circumstances continue to ‘trigger us’, but we distract ourselves by:

  • Acquiring material possessions that can never make us happy
  • Burying ourselves in work
  • Pursuing ‘fun’ and ‘excitement’
  • Making ourselves ‘comfortably numb’ through excesses in food, drink, etc.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Consider the following process of nature:

A diamond is simply a piece of coal (carbon based material) that has been exposed to tremendous heat and pressure for a good long time.

I am inviting you to turn up the heat in the ‘kitchen of your consciousness’ so that you can transform your biggest relationship issues and other life fears into inspiring, fulfilling action.

I am also asking you to do whatever it takes to reveal the ‘diamond of truth and beauty’ that lives at the core of your being.

Finally, I am asking you to get into uncomfortable, imperfect action and deal with your most pressing issues.

Get the support you need to get this done!

YOU know exactly what to do.


Be Authentic

Simply put, it takes courage to fully be yourself.

A partner worthy of you is out there.

He/she can’t see and accept you for who you are unless you fully accept yourself as you are and are totally willing to be seen for who you are- with all of your virtues and shortcomings.

I invite you to get up and go and look in the mirror.


Make the choice to fully, and unconditionally accept yourself.

You are worthy of a partner who truly cherishes and adores you just the way you are!!!

I further invite you to ‘try on’ the following love attracting, positive  affirmation:

I am a child of God.

I was created in love,

I am worthy of love,

I choose to fully accept myself as I am


I invite the one I am destined to be with into my heart and life.

How did it ‘fit’?

Be Determined

Often the biggest obstacle standing between us and our happiness, is ourselves!

Intentions trump expectations

Expectations do not lead to desired outcomes.

In fact, when it comes to love and romance, expectations often lead to disappointment and heart-break.

You know, we expect our sweetie to do this and they do that instead.

We are disappointed because we really hoped for x and we got y.

Unfortunately we never directly told our sweetie what we ‘expect’, yet we still tend to blame them for our disappointment.

We made an appointment that got dissed!

When we instead focus on our intentions we become ‘empowered creators’.

When we express and follow through with our intentions we act from a place of ‘self-directed empowered choice’ and give those around us the opportunity to support us. 

Carefully formed intentions that are based on our deepest values form the foundation of an ‘inner world’ that helps us to move forward with unity of purpose.

Put another way, carefully formed intentions that are based on our deepest values lead to thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions that help us to build fulfilling lives.

I invite you to set the intention that you will do whatever it takes to face and over come whatever stands between you and your happiness.

Some ways to increase your determination

  • Create a vision board that depicts the life you really want
  • Journal about all of the blessings you already have and how you can build on them to create the life you truly want
  • Tell your best friend that you have finally decided to tackle ____fill in your most difficult relationship/life issue _____.

I hope that you got M.A.D. and became present with all that you are.


See you next week!

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Comment by stephen light
October 31, 2012 @ 4:35 am

Turn the volume up – I forgot that one Ron. Thanks for the reminder.

Love & Courage
Stephen Light

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