Three Deadly Dating Lies

If you are reading this article, I am assuming that you are involved in the dating scene.  Perhaps you are looking for some way to penetrate that “dating fog” of false assumptions that often reduces our sense of self confidence and, if left unchecked, can steal your motivation and become the basis of what I call the “Dating Blues”.

Sure signs of the “Dating Blues”:

  • I’ve got to get the relationship part of my life together, ‘cause I’m running out  of time
  • I want to fall in love, but all the good ones are taken
  • I like him, but he’s out of my league


Got any of these “Dating Blues” tag lines playing in your head?

I know that I sure did.

During the time between my divorce from my first wife and before I started going out with my true love, I felt like I was running out of time and had become pretty frustrated with the whole dating scene.  Hey I was only 34 years old and was in great shape.

But that didn’t stop me from singing the “Dating Blues”.

And I’ll share a little secret that made things even worse: Since my first wife was a “real looker”, loosing her really messed with my self confidence and this made my “dating blues” even more filled with drama and worry.

How about you?

This article will address three common false assumptions about yourself and the process of dating that can really ruin your hopes for finding and keeping the love of your life.

Ready to dive in and throw those lying lines out of your head?

Here we go!

I’m running out of time

This tag line can come in a variety of versions, but the essence of it is:  I needed to find and connect with a compatible, loving life partner yesterday and I am running out of time.

What total BS.

Yet when interviewing single women in their late thirties and forties I found this sort of self defeating belief to be all too common.

The truth is that you can fall in love at any age and that you have plenty of time.
Have a cup of camomile tea and breath:
There are many “fish” in the sea and  you have all of the time you need to meet and fall in love with the love of your life.


So, I recommend that you start singing a different tune.

Try on: “I’ve got all the time I need to find True Love”.

So the next time “Mr. Crying  in Your Beer” starts singing the “Your runnin’ out of time blues”, select “I’ve got all the time I need to find True Love” from your internal juke box and sing along with that tune instead!

‘Cause no one wants to date “Miss. Desperate”.

By the way, I’ve devoted an entire article to getting rid of “Miss Desperate”.  See my article: Getting Rid “Miss Desperate” in my “Tips for Getting Rid of Your Relationship Baggage, Once and For All”, series for an effective strategy for dealing with your self limiting beliefs.

All the good ones are taken

Here’s another show stopper.  If you truly believe that “all the good ones are gone”, why not just pack in, go to Tibet, and join a monastery… at least they have good retirement plans.
Think about it.

While it is true that as we get older, there are fewer fresh flowers in the garden to pick from that does not mean that there is no one out there for you!  In my rose garden, the prettiest roses seem to bloom later in the year.  I found the same to be true of love.  I didn’t hook up with my wife until I was in my mid forties!  And guess what?  Because she had been married to the wrong guy, she was aware of how important it was to make her next foray into the dating scene count.  So in my case, time and her previous experience actually worked to my advantage.

There are many available men in this exact situation:  Ready and looking for “Miss Right”!

So don’t let “Mr. Crying in Your Beer” trick you into believing that all of the good ones are gone.  The truth is that there are new men entering the dating scene all of the time and that many of them are really wanting to get it right this time around.  So rather that thinking of these guys as “damaged goods”, try seeing them as experienced men seeking exactly what you have to offer:

A successful, career oriented woman seeking a loving, committed, mutually fulfilling relationship with just the right guy.

So the next time “Mr. Crying in Your Beer and  The Losers” fires up their “All the Good Ones Are Taken” BS song, send them off to change all of the empty kegs and have “Your Lucky in Love Band” play, “My True Love is Looking For Me”, instead.

Now that’s a tune that will send you prancing through your garden, feeling like a young beautiful girl.  Try it on and see what unfolds!

That guy is out of my league

Singing this tune is like showing up to the dance in a clown suit…. No one will ever take you seriously. This too is a favorite number in “Mr. Crying in Your Beer and the Losers” repertoire.  I don’t care if your are out of shape, have big feet, and are pushing forty.

No one is out of your league!

I challenge you to actually go out and observe couples.  You’ll find that they come in all sizes, shapes, styles, and that folks in loving, mutually fulfilling relationships have one thing in common: love.  Being open, knowing your strengths, and being willing to put yourself out there are the keys to your success.

So, the sooner you replace that worn out record of “He’s Out Of My League” with the hit, “I’m Swinging for the Fences” (sorry it’s playoff time in major league baseball), the sooner the really sweet ones will show up in the batter’s box ready to take an at bat with a hell of a gal!

Go Get ‘em!

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