The Seven Practices of Personal Empowerment


In last week’s post I shared that if you truly want your love life to be different, then you must be willing to ‘try on’ some new ideas, and especially, some new ways of thinking.

In today’s post I will share my ‘Seven Practices of Personal Empowerment’.

In last week’s post I pointed out that you simply cannot solve your relationship problems with the same thinking that created them.

Success with your current romantic pursuits depends on deriving adaptive and empowering conclusions from your previous and daily experiences with romantic relationships.

Failing to draw empowering messages from our past and current experiences is one of the most common stumbling blocks on the path to love and fulfillment.

In this context I feel that it is very important to note that past experiences do not have to limit, in any way, what is possible for you now, in the present.

Cultivating the ‘Seven Practices of Personal Empowerment’ will help you to extract more empowering messages from your daily and past experiences.

It’s been said that ‘experience’ is the best teacher.

Is this really true?

Yes and no.

Before for our experiences can truly support steady progress in our current pursuit of love and fulfillment several conditions must be met:

  1. Our past experiences must be correctly understood.
  2. Our past experiences must be properly integrated into our belief system.
  3. We must then bring our self-image into alignment with our revised beliefs, attitudes and perspective on life.

Put another way:

Experience correctly understood and properly integrated into our belief system and self-image provides both the foundation and catalyst (inspiration) to move forward with the confidence.

What is coming up for you?

Seven Practices of Personal Empowerment

1.  Slow down, Be present, & Pay attention

I invite you to take a 5-minute break from your activities several times a day to breathe deeply, still your mind, and become fully present.

This practice will help you to slow down and ‘pace yourself’.  It will help you to be more productive without being self-destructive. You will also find it refreshing, even healing.

I invite you to also consider starting and ending your day with a short ‘Personal Quiet Time’ that is used for meditation, quiet reflection, deep relaxation, Qui Gong, and so on.

Slow down and enjoy the precious gift of life.  The present is all we really have.

2.  Cultivate the healing perspective of curiosity

When we get ‘triggered’ by circumstances, our conditioned self becomes defensive. We become stuck in the role of ‘victim’.

When we become ‘stuck’ in the role of ‘victim’ we are simply unable to access our deepest resources.

Our thinking often becomes irrational, ‘constricted’ and ‘circular’.

Conversely, when we are feeling challenged our higher self becomes curious.

Choosing to embrace the mind opening perspective of curiosity grants us more access to our deepest, infinitely creative capacities.

By embracing the perspective of curiosity we gain more access to the power, knowledge, and wisdom embedded in our soul.

3.  Observe without judgment 

Avoid the trap of jumping to conclusions and getting ‘all worked up’ over outward circumstances. Train your mind to be very slow to judgment and open to understand.

Cultivate the ‘crest jewel of discrimination and dispassion’.

4.  Reflect & Feed YOUR Soul

  • Journal
  • Play Music or Sing
  • Create Art
  • Dance
  • Do drama activities
  • Engage in playful sport or activity
  • Walk & enjoy / be fully present with nature, urban architecture, people- allow yourself to be inspired by the wonder of life. 

5.  Practice forgiveness.

Forgive others and yourself.

Strive to live your life with a clean slate.

This will help you to stay out of the disempowering land of regret and save you from becoming entrenched in bitterness, ‘the love killer’.

6.  Cultivate the healing and inviting perspective of gratitude.

What we appreciate, appreciates.

Being thankful for what you already have is the foundation for all abundance.

7.  Share the joy. Spread the love. 

It is giving that we receive.  Learn to joyfully live love.

  • Do some Community service.
  • Spend time with children or older folks.
  • Surprise a friend or neighbor or co-worker with a homemade treat or meal.
  • Take a friend out to a nice meal and leave generous tip.
  • Acknowledge someone for what they bring to the world.

More support.

The past is not etched in stone, but a matter of perspective.

Give yourself a break.

Leave the land of regret and blame behind forever.

You can choose to embrace the perspective, that for the most part, your past decisions were all perfectly aligned with the person you were, the situation you faced, and the best options you could find at that moment in time.

Below is a link to a previous post on what I have come to refer to as “Compassionate Biography”:

I am here if you need me.

Your friend and staunch ally,

To Love and Courage!


Live, Connect, Love and Prosper

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Comment by stephen light
January 13, 2015 @ 8:13 am

Hey Ron

These are such easy things to do daily and they have a profound impact on the quality of our lives. Thanks for the reminder, especially the “Forgive ourselves” one.

Love & Courage
Stephen Light

Comment by Ron
January 21, 2015 @ 7:07 am

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for you comment. The longer I live and the more I reflect on the things that make the most difference in our lives, the more I realize, as you point out, that very often it is the “simple practices” that often have the most positive impact on our overly complicated lives. The key is to establish the habit of doing them daily. To Love, Courage and keeping things simple! Ron

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