The Power of Unwavering Commitment


Last week’s post focused on the general topic of commitment in romantic relationships.

This week’s post will explore the power of unwavering commitment and how making such a commitment instantly enlists the support of the universe in your quest for love and fulfillment.

So, if your are a successful, career oriented single that is ready to end the painful cycle of broken relationships and attract a committed partner who truly loves you for who you are —– this is a must read post!

Ready to dive in?

I’ll begin with a powerful quote from Goethe, a distinguished German poet and dramatist (1749-1832) who had a profound influence on modern philosophical thought:

“At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.”

Please take a moment to allow the power of this timeless quote to penetrate your consciousness.

What do Goethe’s words bring up in you?

For me, several things come to mind.

First, Goethe’s words confirm what I have believed for a very long time- that deep, unwavering commitment is the power that drives human achievement and success.

Second, that a ‘unified consciousness’ makes a person unstoppable.

Finally, I have come to believe that we literally attract the opportunities that come to us and that the biggest obstacles on our path to love and fulfillment exist within our own consciousness.

As one famous social activist once said, “Free your mind and your ass will follow”.

Unwavering commitment as the power that drives human discovery, achievement, and fulfillment

When we fully commit to something- whether it is a cause, completing a college degree, or fully giving our heart to another human being, the invisible forces of the universe that support all life instantly get into motion to support our efforts.


So what characterizes this type of deep unwavering commitment?

First and foremost, unwavering commitment is characterized by unflappable confidence that we will achieve our goal.

This does not mean that we know how we are going to achieve our goal.

Let’s take M. K. Gandhi and his leadership role in freeing his beloved India from the tyranny of British Colonial rule as an example.

When he made the commitment to do everything he could to end the repression and suffering of his people he, by his own report, had absolutely no idea of how he was going to get this done.

He just knew that he had to make the commitment to help to end the suffering.

From one perspective, the day that Gandhi made this historic commitment, British Colonial rule was over.

It just took time and space for events to catch up.

The result was guaranteed!

Now I can just guess what some readers may be thinking …. “But I’m certainly no Gandhi.”

Well, if you are entertaining that train of thought, I am overjoyed to inform you that you are simply wrong. 

Still here….

(I just broke a carnal rule of subscriber based blogs … never tell your subscribers that they may be mistaken!


You see Gandhi did not posses any special capacities for getting things done.

In fact he was quite challenged in many respects.

What Gandhi had was a correct, albeit basic belief, in the power of commitment and the concomitant support of the Spiritual world elicited by deep, unwavering commitments.

Gandhi intuitively understood a powerful spiritual principle:

Full commitment, supports full effort, and full effort always overcomes all obstacles and challenges and achieves its goal.


You, me, virtually all humans have the capacity to fully commit to a deeply desired outcome. 

When we make the unwavering – I’m going to achieve this goal no matter what type of commitment- the only thing that can really stop us is ourselves.

The relationship implications of this truth are huge.

When you really commit to being in relationship with another human being you unlock the hidden support of the universe in support of that commitment.

Once made, only you can withdraw such a commitment.

A person who has unified their consciousness through a deep, unwavering commitment becomes unstoppable.

As some of you know I was a semi-professional drummer for many years.

I still love to play but life and a surgery on my left wrist have diminished my playing ability somewhat.

I mention this because as a young boy aspiring to get really good at playing drums I read an article about Joe Morello, Dave Brubek’s ground breaking drummer.

Joe was so dedicated to his craft that he even took drum-sticks into the bathroom!

To my Dad’s dismay I followed Joe’s example!

Now you could say that poor Joe and I were just a little obsessed, but there is no doubt that he attained his goal of becoming a masterful jazz drummer.

For my part, I played in bands since I was 14 years old and my commitment to getting it right landed me a lot of sweet gigs.

Once again, ordinary people who made extraordinary commitments resulting in very high levels of skill and – more relevant to our discussion here – a very high level of self-satisfaction and fulfillment.

Unwavering Commitment and Opportunity

As I shared earlier I have come to believe that we literally attract the opportunities that come to us.   

For better or worse, we attract to ourselves the opportunities necessary to fulfill our desires. 

Unwavering commitment to a person, cause, or deeply desired goal instantly calls into action the support of the universe.

Circumstances that provide opportunities to begin to fulfill our commitment begin to manifest.

We are able to see these opportunities because, for lack of better words, our deep commitment has turned up awareness in regard to the material circumstances necessary to fulfill our commitment.

Clear as mud?

Put another way.

When we make a deep unwavering commitment to a particular out come or person we align ourselves with the material circumstances necessary to fulfill the desire(s) driving our commitment.

If your heart of hearts is calling you to love, I invite you to make the unwavering commitment to achieve your romantic goals – no matter what!

Live, Commit, Connect, love, prosper.

See you next week!

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Comment by stephen light
January 16, 2013 @ 1:18 am

Hi Ron

This is the best thing I have read in a long time…

“If your heart of hearts is calling you to love, I invite you to make the unwavering commitment to achieve your romantic goals – no matter what!”

How powerful…. “No matter what!”

Love & Courage

Comment by Corinthia Loblack
July 20, 2017 @ 3:10 pm

Very inspiring.

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