The Power of True Commitment


On Halloween my wife and I spent the day serving the Waldorf school where she works as a co-teacher in a kindergarten class.  We performed a skit for 14 different groups of parents and children as they made their way around the beautiful campus to see various skits, a puppet play, and little performances put on by the faculty.

We were “Rufty and Tufty”, two little elves who lived in a hollow oak tree.

My wife spent the day before the event sewing our little elf costumes and I must say we “looked the part”.

Each time an “Angel Guide” brought us a new set of excited spectators we greeted them and went through our little three-minute skit and passed out “magic elf brooms” as treats for the little ones.

The creation of our little set, performances, and clean up literally took from early afternoon until after 9:30 that evening and we were both exhausted by the time we arrived home.

Our deep commitment to serving the needs of the children, to the Waldorf method of education, and to each other helped us stay the course and keep our spirits joyful.

So how in the world is this relevant to relationships and attracting a quality, loving man who truly cherishes and adores you?

The short answer:

Often, we become frustrated, discouraged, and fall into despair because we forget our commitment to our-selves, our dreams and the causes we champion.

The fact is that deep commitment is a powerful force that has supported many, if not all, of mankind’s greatest achievements.

Commitment to our dreams, ourselves, and our most cherished causes provides us with the motivation to follow through with our intentions and attain great things.

So how committed are you to attracting a quality, loving man that absolutely cherishes and adores you?

Please take a moment now to rate your commitment to attracting and staying in relationship with your soul mate.

1 —————————————– 5 —————————————— 10

Not committed                                                                  Completely & Unconditionally committed

What did you discover?

If you did not rate your commitment to attracting and staying in relationship with your soul mate a “10”, what is holding you back from making that commitment?

There is a simple spiritual truth that I have found to be very useful in helping me stay the course when external challenges and my own “inner struggles” come between me and my dreams.

Full commitment always yields a completely fulfilling outcome.

I have found the following attributes important in maintaining my own commitments.  See what you think.

  • Inspiration
  • Clarity
  • Patience
  • Self-acknowledgement
  • Non-attachment


What inspires you to love and seek love?

Identifying and tapping into your unique sources of inspiration is essential to staying the often circuitous course to true, lasting love.

For most of my adult life I have found inspiration in the biographies of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, J. F. K., Albert Einstein, etc as well as the writings of the saints, mystics, and religious teachers from most of the world’s religions.

I often recall the story of how Gandhi sat at his wife’s bedside as she passed from this physical plane. Even during this very emotionally challenging time Gandhi took his walks and took care of himself because of his inspired commitment to his work and service.


Clarity of vision helps maintain the inspiration and motivation necessary to overcome life’s challenges and live your dreams.  For this reason I highly recommend becoming absolutely crystal clear on the qualities you desire in your soul mate.

Creating a vision board, journaling about the man of your dreams as well as the life you envision together can really help you avoid the trap of “settling for less than you deserve”.


In our fast paced, materially oriented, “got to have it all now” society the idea of being patient simply often escapes us.  This can be especially true when it comes to romantic pursuits.

From my perspective, as a man who did not get to be in a romantic relationship with my soul mate until I was in my late forties, I understand how hard it is to “hold onto a vision of what’s really right for us”.

Add to the mix the pressure of wanting to start a family, the stereotype of being an “old maid”, and your own longing for love and the idea of being patient may seem, well, almost insensitive.

In this context, I would like to point out that to me, one of the essential components of true, lasting love is patience.

What is coming up for you?


In order to attract a quality loving man that is truly worthy of you and what you offer you must first really believe that you are a “catch”.

Failing to deeply acknowledge your own self worth is one of the reasons so many people, of both sexes, settle for less than they deserve.

I repeat: “You are a catch … just the way you are.”

Your soul mate is out there and will be attracted to you and love you for who you are.

Please take a moment to really let this in.


In our “result driven” society, it often difficult to see the forest for the trees.

I have written a lot about this idea in other posts, so I will only briefly mention it here.

Clear, empowered action requires a certain degree of objectivity. 

Developing and practicing a perspective of non-attachment helps us to respond rather simply react to circumstances and leaves us in more freedom to navigate the ocean of life from a place of empowered choice.

For me, to love is a choice.  I choose to love.  I choose to stay in love.  I am committed to love.

This post is dedicated to my wife Julia, the treasure of my heart and the Love of my life.

Thanks for reading this post.

May your life be blessed with the deep level of fulfillment that a life lived in love can provide.

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Comment by Linda
November 24, 2011 @ 4:41 pm

rufty and tufty so cute lol!!!! I breathex in healing energies to attract a sole mate like u said and it worked! He’s moving in after only a week. Can I use the same exorcize to get him a job?

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