Talking Your Way to Love!


In the previous post I shared two powerful tools to support your new year relationship resolutions:

  • Creating a vision board
  • Journaling about your life with your “Mr. Right” by your side

I also shared that combining regular journaling with a thoughtfully created vision board helps to unify your consciousness behind your intentions and sends a very clear and potent message to the universe that you fully intend to realize your dreams. 

The power of this combination is partly due to the fact that it integrates two distinctly different and powerful sources of learning and self-discovery.

The basic idea:

The more of yourself you put into creating the life you want, the more you will attract opportunities to live your dreams.

So why don’t we attract more of what we actually want?

I invite you to do a little exercise so you can discover for yourself a powerful, easy to hone tool for shaping your future.

Step one:

  • Recall a recent conversation you had with a girlfriend about men.

Step two:

  • Carefully and honestly recall the content of your conversation.

What did you talk about?

Step three:

  • Get out a sheet of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. On the left side list all of the positive qualities about men that were discussed and on the right side list all of the negative ones mentioned.

Which side of the paper had the most entries?

Now it is important to be brutally honest here.

If you and your friend did any “complaining” about men – You know, how men are mostly clueless about relationships, are only in it for the sex, how men have trouble committing, how all of the “good ones” are taken, etc. Please jot these things down.

If you recalled any negative statements about men and intimate relationships with men then what I am about to share may really help you to attract more positive relationship opportunities.

You see our speech sets the stage for how our lives unfold.


The compassionate Buddha recognized this fact and addressed it in his gift to mankind: The Four Noble Truths and The Noble Eightfold Path”.

The first step on the compassionate Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path:

  • Right Speech

Why do you think this was the first step on his carefully crafted path to self-mastery?

From my world-view it is because our speech establishes the context of our lives.

Now I am not promoting Buddhism or any other religious doctrine.  I am simply pointing out the wisdom expressed in this ancient and influential philosophy.

What we express verbally has a profound impact on our experience in the present and creates a “living context” from which we form intentions and take action.

From this perspective, conversation provides an essential building block for how our lives unfold.

Two important points:

  • Conversation creates the context of our lives.
  • Our speech is one of the most powerful influences in determining our future.

The point:

Negative speech about anything simply reaffirms and deepens negative beliefs that lead to more negative outcomes.

“Negative” talk about men, only deepens the divide between the sexes and drives the loving ones away!

If you want to attract that loving, committed, kind, considerate man who truly cherishes and adores you for who you are, I invite you to consider striving to keep your conversations about men positive.

Your single female friends will thank you for your efforts.

I further invite you to leave space in your thinking for the possibility that a man who is truly worthy of your aspirations is out there and to honor this belief by speaking “positively” about men in general.

Let’s all strive to eliminate the all too common relationship “complaining” that only hardens our hearts and limits possibilities.

One more thing:

As some of you know I also work with men seeking their “Miss Right”.

Guess what.  I have the same message for them: Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into negative conversations about women; leave yourself in freedom to attract a loving woman who truly respects and loves you for who you are.

So, the next time you and the gals are discussing men and your romantic pursuits with men I encourage you to keep the conversation positive – The love you save may be your own!

Offered in Loving support of conscious, loving relationships.

See YOU next week!

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