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Last week’s post focused on the power of unwavering commitment and how making such a commitment instantly enlists the support of the universe in your quest for love and fulfillment.

Once you have made the unwavering commitment to achieving your relationship goals thereby enlisting the support of the universe, it is up to you to cultivate the positive attitudes that keep you moving toward your goals.

One of the most important and foundational positive attitudes to cultivate is is gratitude.

What we appreciate, appreciates.

The distinguished author and teacher, Eckhart Tolle put it succinctly:

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

I  love this quote, direct and to the point.

So, if you want to attract more love and connection into your life I highly recommend cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude.

I ask you to consider the following:

If given a choice, would you rather be in a committed relationship with a person who is generally positive, grateful, and giving or someone who is negative, never satisfied, and selfish?

We tend to attract people of like mind as well as circumstances that are in alignment with our attitudes.

What kind of people and circumstances do you want in your life?

Cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude is akin to enriching the soil in your garden before planting your vegetables or flowers.

I have found that following the practice of lovingly treating the soil before planting my garden results in healthy, vibrant vegetables and flowers.

I encourage you to infuse the fertile ground of your mind with the positive influence of true appreciation for all that you are and have.

Cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude:

  • brings peace and confidence when things are going as expected


  • establishes patterns of positive thinking and emotion that support creative, adaptive thinking when things don’t go as expected.

So, while we can’t prevent disappointments we can build positive patterns of thought and emotion that make us far more resilient in times of challenge.

Cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude is like the ultimate emergency savings account!

A call to action

The following practices help cultivate gratitude:

  • Start and make daily entries in a ‘gratitude journal’; I strongly encourage this particular practice as it is very powerful
  • Put a “post it” with the words “today I am grateful for …” on your bathroom mirror
  • Just before you go to sleep, review your day from the perspective of all you are grateful for
  • Give silent thanks for your food before you eat
  • Make it a point to thank people for things they do for you
  • Volunteer one day a month at a local soup kitchen or some organization that serves the less fortunate

One other tip:

Pretty please, do your best to stay out of the land of negative self-judgment.   If you find yourself in an especially negative, ungrateful mood take the following steps.

1.    Accept that this is where you are at in this moment- always remember that for the most part, mental and emotional states tend to be fleeting. 
2.    Give yourself full permission to be negative, pessimistic- to fully experience your feelings. – “The things we resist persist.” 
3.    A gentle reminder: It has taken you your entire life to become the person that you are today- patience, self-acceptance, and persistence are the keys to your success.
4.    Take several slow deep breaths through your nose- relax.

Imagine that with each inward breath that you are drawing in the healing, regenerative power of the universe and with each exhalation that you are letting go of all negativity, fear, and self-doubt.

5.    Let go of all negative self-judgment – everyone has good days and not so good days, everyone.
6.    If circumstances allow, go for a nice brink walk
7.    When you return read some entries in your gratitude journal

What we appreciate, appreciates

Live, give thanks, connect, and prosper

See YOU next week!

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Comment by stephen light
January 22, 2013 @ 3:55 am

Hi Ron

I wanted to highlight this particular section as I believe it is worth mentioning again:

Cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude:
brings peace and confidence when things are going as expected
establishes patterns of positive thinking and emotion that support creative, adaptive thinking when things don’t go as expected.

The latter point is so perfect as this is the time we most need it, when we believe being grateful doesn’t work because things aren’t go our way.

Thanks for raising my attention to that.

Love & Courage
Stephen Light

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