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What we tell ourselves in our thoughts and feelings determines our present experiences and greatly impacts how our futures will unfold.

A common challenge:

Many women in their mid to late thirties who are very attractive, bright, and successful have shared with me their secret fear that they are “running out of time” to find true love and start a family.

Some questions:

Do you tell yourself that your “biological clock is ticking” and that you are running out of time?

Do you tell yourself that men desiring to have a family would prefer a younger woman?

Do find yourself comparing yourself to female friends who are married and moving toward starting a family?  Do you judge yourself for not being in such a relationship yourself?

When it comes to dating, have you gone into “I need to find my man now” mode?

Have you become desperate?

Are these questions eliciting any concerns, fears, or doubts about your capacity to attract true, lasting love?

Is this YOU?

YOU are successful and are well established in your career.

You have made sacrifices to make this happen.

Now you have decided to make attracting a quality committed partner who truly loves you for who you are a top priority.

However, you have been having trouble meeting men who would make good life partners.

Perhaps you have tried dating folks at work only to find that this is not the best strategy.

Meeting guys in bars is not really your thing.

You may have also been out on some “blind dates” with friends of friends who are in committed relationships without much success.

Online dating has not, so far any way, produced the results that you are after.

YOU may be feeling stuck.

YOU also may be negatively judging yourself and putting undue pressure on yourself for not getting the relationship thing handled.

The Solution:

It is important to fully honor your fear of not getting this relationship thing handled.

The things we resist persist.

It is equally important to not allow your fear to run your life.

It has been said that the quality of our lives is determined by the questions we ask.

So let’s start by asking a different question.

What sort of man would you attract if you chose to focus your attention on your feminine power and beauty instead of your fear that you are running out of time?

Did you experience any shift in how you feel when you asked yourself this question?

By choosing to fully stand confidently in your feminine power and beauty, you can create an inner shift in energies that literally make you irresistible to men.

There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman who fully stands in her feminine power and beauty.

I know because I am man. 

Now I am not talking about the gals who are so full of themselves that they make themselves virtually unapproachable.

What I am taking about are the women who are in touch with their sensual, feminine side, and are comfortable enough in their own skin to simply be themselves.

Coaches often refer to this as being fully authentic.

This is truly the honey that attracts the bees!!!

My take away for you:

I invite you to get up and go into the mirror.

Look deep into your eyes.

Allow yourself to take in every inch of your feminine beauty.

Celebrate your beauty, power, and all that you are as human being.

Now bring your attention to your heart and repeat the following love attracting positive affirmation:

“I am an attractive, beautiful, powerful woman.

I was created in love and I am worthy of love.

I have a lot to offer a committed relationship with the right person.

I invite the man that I am destined to be with into my heart and life.

I am fully willing to be seen for the radiant, beautiful, powerful woman that I am and know that I have all the time I need to attract a man who truly loves me for who I am.”

Own it.

Make this your mantra.

When your Gremlins of fear and self doubt start grumbling about how you are running out of time…. just thank them for their concern and refocus your attention on just how attractive you really are!


What we tell ourselves in our thoughts and feelings determines our present experiences and greatly impacts how our futures will unfold.

I invite you to stand confidently in your feminine power and beauty and stake your claim for that awesomely delicious, loving fully committed partner who truly loves you for who you are.

I encourage you to live fully into the beautiful human being that you are and to take the steps that your heart calls you to take.

YOU deserve no less.

Turn on your love light and let it shine.

Offered in support of conscious, loving, mutually empowering relationships.

I sincerely hope that you found this post inspiring and useful.

For more support on this topic:

Live, Connect, Love and Prosper

See YOU next week!

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Comment by stephen light
August 6, 2013 @ 6:08 am

Beautiful thank you Ron

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