Staying True to YOURSELF When the Going Gets Tough


Whether you’re dating or in a committed relationship trying to make the best of things, listening to and following your inner voice can make all the difference in the quality of your relationships.

Life offers us many lessons that can help us to live more fully into the incredibly creative, resourceful, dynamic, loving human beings that we all are in our souls.

The Story or Two Highly Skilled, and Dedicated Carpenters

Sammy and Pablo, the two the carpenters in this story, are both very experienced, highly dedicated craftsmen who have practiced their trade for over 20 years.

Both men are tired and ready to be done with their day.

Both carpenters faced the same situation, but handled it differently.

Their Stories

It has been a long hard day.

One task remains to bring the week’s work to a close for the weekend.

A piece of thick, specialty plywood needs to be precisely cut to form the base for the top of an oddly shaped custom kitchen island, so that work can proceed after the weekend.

How Sammy handled this task

Although Sammy clearly understood and even told himself that the cuts that needed to be made would be best accomplished with a special saw and blade that was still in his work van, he decided to simply use his skill saw and proceeded to complete the first cut. 

The result was that the custom ordered piece of wood was ruined and would have to be reordered further extending his day, delaying the completion of the project and adding an unbillable cost to the project (Sammy, in addition to being very skilled, is also honest and does not bill his clients for his own mistakes).

The cost of not listening to and following his inner voice

Sammy ends his long work week with an extra task, unnecessary money out of his pocket and, worst of all, with the frustration of knowing that if he had just listened to and followed his inner voice he would have stayed on schedule and saved himself some money.

Not a great way to end one’s work week.

How Pablo handled this same task and situation

Like his counter part, Sammy, Pablo also clearly understood that the cuts that needed to be made would be best accomplished with the special saw and blade that was still in his work van.

Pablo was also present with just how tired he was and how badly he wanted to simply be done, get the job site cleaned up and go home.  Like his counter part, Sammy, Pablo was momentary tempted to simply make the cuts with his skill saw.

Pablo took a moment to really consider his situation.  He was tired, really wanted to get the this last task done, get the job site cleaned up and go home.

In this pause to consider his options he realized that the only to way to proceed was simply to “suck it up” walk down his client’s long driveway to his work van and get the right specialty tools to complete the job.

By taking a brief brake and really considering things he also found the energy to get things done right.

Pablo listened to and followed his inner voice, completed this final task, got the job site cleaned up and was home relaxing with his family before Sammy had even completed the special order necessary to get back on track.

What did this story bring up for YOU?

My “takeaways”:

  • When it comes to life and love failing to listen to and follow your inner voice can be very costly.
  • When feeling  “pushed”, “time pressured” and the like, slow down, take a break and reflect.
  • There is always time to do it right.
  • It takes far more energy and inner resources to correct a problem than to take pause and simply do what one knows is right in their heart-this is especially true when it comes to our closest relationships.
  • Being true to your self is always worth the time, effort, and momentary “sacrifice”.

Mutually empowered living and relationships simply require us to be at our best.

When we are feeling “time pressured” it is best to take “pause”, listen to our inner voice, and “dig deep” to do what you know in your heart to be right, for you and your partner.

Live, Connect, Love and Prosper

See YOU next week!

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Comment by stephen light
July 2, 2013 @ 10:13 am

Hey Ron

I probably would have used the old saw and then been furious with myself. Now I just go home and leave the cutting for another day he he.

Thanks for the lesson.

Love & Courage

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