Self-Development is an Inside Job


I am experimenting with a different holiday format.

I invite you to let me know what you think by posting a comment on my blog.

In the spirit of the season, the remainder of the posts for this month will be ‘inspirational’.

The quotes I have chosen to share have brought me inspiration, conviction, and motivation that have led to mutually fulfilling action, and inner peace.

If this format meets you and you have an inspiring quote or saying to share with our on line community, please take the time to post it in the comment section of my blog.

All of us are much, much, smarter than any one of us!

My intentions are:

  • To motivate my subscribers to take time to pause, reflect, consider and truly move forward with their lives.
  • Provide a platform for discussions that inspires us all to seek the inspiration and motivation that lives at the heart of every human being

Although some of my quotes come from the scriptures of various world religions, my intention is not to promote or advocate any particular religious belief system.

Rather, I wish to use the quotes I share to promote constructive introspection that will, hopefully, lead to inspired, mutually fulfilling action.

Quote for the week

“He who is not happy with nothing, will not be happy with everything; he who does not cherish the little things, will not be mindful of the great things; he with whom sufficient is not enough, is without virtue, for the physical body of man lives only from day to day; if you seek to supply it with what it actually needs, you will still have time to meditate, while if you seek to supply it with all it wants, the task is without end.”

Attributed to Gautama Buddha

What does this quote inspire in you?

I invite YOU to journal about what arose in YOU as soon as possible!

Even a few hastily scribbled notes can provide a powerful, inwardly inspired ‘thought seed’ that can be life transforming.

Think about it?

Where else does true ‘transformation’ come from?

It has to come from you!!!

That’s because self-development is ‘an inside job’.

Some of my thoughts:

This quote reminds me that I always have the time to pause, reflect, and ‘check in with myself’.  And that ‘course corrections’ are not only possible but quite probably needed! 

Is it time to check your chosen course in life?

Nothing like using your own ‘internal compass’ to help you evaluate the path you have chosen.

Secondly, it reminds me that ‘I can’t take anything material with me!’

It also helps me to consciously push back against the mass marketers of  ‘materially based happiness’ and put that energy into developing core character qualities that actually bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

Finally, it inspires me to ‘double down’ on my practices of meditation and journaling and to spend regular time daily holding those dear to me in my heart of hearts.

I’ll say it again:

Self-development is an inside job.

The rewards of this work are cumulative, lasting, and benefit all of those with whom we are associated.

I invite everyone who reads this blog to seek the inspiration that lives in their souls.

Some ideas on living a more connected, inspired life.

  • Slow down

 have a hot chocolate or a nice cup or green tea, relax by a fire, get up early and watch the sun rise

  • Spend some time reflecting on your life
    • You might begin by celebrating your accomplishments
    • Then ask yourself, “What’s truly important right now?
  • Spend one day in nature taking in the natural beauty and peace of your surroundings
  • Spend time daily reading an inspiring book – 15 to 30 minutes regularly spent regularly this way can bring huge dividends.
  • Journal about all that YOU are grateful for and about all you are thankful for accomplishing this past year.
  • Go caroling with friends or better yet go caroling with a group of strangers
  • Ask your sweetie, “How can I more fully more support YOU?”
  • Volunteer in your community

Work at soup kitchen, organize some friends to take small gifts to a nursing home, pass out food to the homeless

Make the holiday season less about you and the ‘drama of life’ and more about your family, friends, colleagues, and community. 

Blessings to all.

See YOU next week!

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1 Comment »

Comment by stephen light
December 11, 2012 @ 4:48 am

Dear Ron

I will apologise upfront and say I read as far as the quite and had to stop. I love your approach and the way it sparks dialogue. The quote was so powerful for me that I need to comment and then will read the rest afterwards.

I immediately realised how much I feed my body with what it wants and not what it needs. Right now I need to have a snooze but my body wants a snack. Guess what I am doing? Snacking yes. It is a hard one to distinguish against as we are so accustomed to servicing the ongoing needs of the body. This is an area I know that meditation will help me.

The other big thing that hit me was the distinction between being unhappy with nothing and being unhappy with everything. If we cannot appreciate this moment for what it is, we are always striving, never arriving. I love the approach of being able to appreciate the sense of nothing in this moment and see it as pure bliss. He who is happy with nothing does not need something to make him happy. He is already happy with the moment.

Thank you Ron

As always, Inspirational.

Love & Courage

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