Self-Development is an Inside Job, Part Two


As I shared last week, I am experimenting with a different holiday format.

I invite you to let me know what you think by posting a comment on my blog.

In the spirit of the season, the remainder of the posts for this month will be ‘inspirational’.

The quotes I have chosen to share have brought me inspiration, conviction, and motivation that have led to mutually fulfilling action, and inner peace.

If this format meets you and you have an inspiring quote or saying to share with our on-line community, please take the time to post it in the comment section of my blog.

All of us are much, much, smarter than any one of us!

My intentions are:

  • To motivate my subscribers to take time to pause, reflect, consider and truly move forward with their lives.
  • Provide a platform for discussions that inspires us all to seek the inspiration and motivation that lives at the heart of every human being

Although some of my quotes come from the scriptures of various world religions, my intention is not to promote or advocate any particular religious belief system.

Rather, I wish to use the quotes I share to promote constructive introspection that will, hopefully, lead to inspired, mutually fulfilling action.

Quote for the week

“To dream of the person you’d like to be is to waste the person you are.”

Tim Menchon

So what’s popping up for YOU?

I invite YOU to journal about what this quote elicited in YOU as soon as possible!

Even a few hastily scribbled notes can provide a powerful, inwardly inspired ‘thought seed’ that can be life transforming.

Self-development is an inside job!

Some of my thoughts:

I believe that it is through nurturing our deepest strengths that we begin to shed the parts of ourselves that are ‘inconsistent’ with who we truly are at our core.

Gradually, we begin to manifest that awesome human being that we are inwardly driven to become.

You see, we are all inwardly driven to realize more of our potential- that is the essence of a human being who is alive and growing.

You would not be attracted to reading this blog, if you were not on the path to becoming more of who you really are.


This process requires progressively deeper levels of self-acceptance.

One way to conceptualize this process is to see our core strengths as the DNA or building blocks of a fully empowered, balanced, loving human being that we already have the potential to become.

So far, so good?

Naturally some questions come to mind (sorry, that’s what coaches do!):

  • Where in your life are you not allowing yourself to be fully you?
  • Are you fully willing to be seen for the person you are – ‘a work in progress’- complete with virtues and faults?
  • What would it take for you to fully accept yourself as you are now?

I invite YOU to journal on any/all of these questions.

Some steps you can take now to build a deeper level of self-acceptance:

  • List 5 things that you are proud of accomplishing this year.
    • What does accomplishing these things say about you as a person?
  • List five Character traits you are proud of?
  • Get up and look in the mirror.

You are looking at an awesome, beautiful, work in progress.

Now go out into the world and be more of who you actually are at your core.

Please post a comment on my Blog!


Your friend,


See You next week!

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1 Comment »

Comment by Gerri Ratigan
December 18, 2012 @ 3:17 am

I am not fully me when I give in to fear.
I am fully me when I allow myself to be human enough to have fear and not let it be who I am, but simply an informant of something amiss – that I can handle.
Yup – no problem with being seen for who I am. I fully accept myself in my beauty and faults. And then I accept that sometimes I don’t and I notice that and move forward.
5 things I am proud I accomplished: left an oppressive job, started a short lived but successful copywriting business, learned I needed to go back to coaching, re-starting my coaching business – had a # of successes and failures so far – all good
Whether I succeed or fail, I am a persistent, growing, loving, human being
I am loving, smart, accepting, talented, wise and powerful. I am also a mess too and I love that.

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