Meeting Mr. Right

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you are on the look out for your “perfect” match. You may be feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and wondering how you are ever going to meet “Mr. Right”.

Believe me, I can relate to where you’re at.


Mr. “Right” is out there  and you will attract him after you do some house cleaning!

After my divorce and before I began dating with my wife I remember wrestling with all kinds of  issues:

  • How was I ever going to meet the “right” person?
  • Is there really anyone out there for me?
  • Where was I going to start?

In addition, I had fears around falling in love again only to have the relationship end with a difficult break up.  I missed regular physical intimacy but did not want to get into an intimate relationship with a person I was just “compatible” with.  I knew I wanted more…. I wanted a woman who inspired me, who had a similar world view and shared values.

All of this made “dating” seem like an insurmountable challenge.  How was I ever going to climb this mountain?

Sound familiar?

The following discussion is intended to stimulate your own process of self discovery and inspiration and get you unstuck and moving toward your relationship goals.

Many fish in the sea

The first thing I would like to point out is that there truly are many fish in the sea. So to help get you get “unstuck” I’d like you to try on the idea that there are lots of men that you can connect with, be yourself around, and fall in love with.  Relax, be open, and let go of “Ms. Desperate.”

Dump your shopping list

All of us have a “perfect life partner profile” running around in our heads that tends to lead us to prejudge prospective partners before we even give ourselves the opportunity to get to know them! I know that I sure did.  My perfect gal had to have just the right body, be sweet as honey, good in bed, interested in self development, financially solvent, love music, like cats, love the outdoors, be open to spiritual ideas, like Italian food, etc. You get the idea.

Put another way, if Miss Sandy didn’t meet my “perfect mate profile”, she was instantly relegated to the discard list before I even gave myself the opportunity to get to know her.

Is your “perfect mate profile” preventing  you from seeing many of the wonderful qualities in the people you meet on a daily basis?

When I really looked at my “requirements” for a life partner I realized that no one could possibly ever live up to my contrived, artificial standards and that most of what I thought I “had to have” were very superficial qualities that were also quite temporary.

How about you? Time for a little house cleaning?

Clear your head of your “perfect life partner profile” .  Just let it all go.  A fresh start requires a little “spring cleaning”.  You guessed it, I’m asking you to get rid of your shopping list and explore what’s really important to you.

Become clear on what’s really important to you in a Life Partner

So how do you get more clarity around what’s truly important to you in a life partner?  I have some created some actionable steps to get you moving in the right direction.  So get ready to do a little work toward your truly satisfying future.  Steps one and two work together to help bring more of what you really want in a Life Partner into focus. So dive in and have fun with this!

Step One: Create your dream list

Create your “dream list” of desired qualities by writing down everything you could ever want in a life partner.  Please get out a piece of paper now and list every quality you desire in a life partner.

Now you may notice that many of the same things you had on your just “dumped” perfect partner profile show up on your new dream list.

No worries, this is expected.

Now focus on qualities you really want in your life partner.

So focus on things like: loving, adaptable, giving, fun loving, intelligent, kind, resourceful, appreciative, socially graceful, relaxed, not too “full of himself” ….. You get the idea.

Once you are sure that you have created a complete list, go through your list and narrow it down to only 3 qualities.  That’s right only three.

When I was done with my “Dream List”, it included these three qualities: loving, fun loving, and healthy.

Now write one or two sentences explaining why each of the three qualities are important to you. This will drive home why you chose the three qualities you did and provide you with motivation to stick to your guns.

Step Two: Use a past positive experience to gain more insight into what’s important to you now.

Recall a fun, engaging experience with a man you enjoyed being around.

When I used this methodology to help build a more positive mental out look I recalled a memorable day spent in the mountains with a very special friend.

  • What do you recall about your time together?
  • What made your time together fun?
  • What about him turned you on?
  • What else is coming up for you?

Now look at your list of three desired qualities.

Did the man in your recalled experience possess any of these qualities?

What did you learn about yourself by going through this process?

Stay true to your vision, manage those self doubts!

A funny little trick our minds usually play on us is as soon as we really figure out what we actually want, our  “Doubting Thomas” starts spouting off about why we can’t have our dream.  You know, the voice that challenges your hopes.  So here’s where having a plan can really pay off.

One very effective strategy for dealing with your version of  “Doubting Thomas” is to create a positive affirmation that powerfully describes your vision so when your “Doubting Thomas” starts in you are prepared to refocus your attention on your vision.


Here’s what to do:

Create your vision statement:

Here’s the formula for your vision statement:

“I deserve a man who is ___________, _____________, and ____________;

insert the three qualities you came up with in step one above

He is out there and I will attract him ”.

I have included my “Dream Vision Statement” for you to use as a guide.

My “Dream Vision Statement”:

“I deserve a woman who is loving, fun loving, and healthy; she is out there, and I will attract her”.

So when your  “Doubting Thomas” starts in:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Let go of any negative feelings and self doubts.
  • Thank him for his opinion.
  • Send him to do something really useful, like  plant a community garden in vacant, neglected urban lot.
  • Repeat your vision statement often, with strong conviction, and out loud if circumstances allowed.

Tip: Post your vision statement over your bathroom mirror and re-affirm it every time you “freshen up“. If you have guests over, I recommend taking it down as some of them may feel “obligated” to challenge your belief in yourself and the positive, loving future you’re in the process of creating.

Repeat  “Your Vision Statement” whenever your “Doubting Thomas” shows up!

When my “Mr. Doubting Thomas” would get going, I  thanked him for his concern and sent him off to write my monthly summaries or staffing notes and repeated my vision statement:   “I deserve a woman who is loving, fun loving, and healthy; she is out there and I will attract her”.  This helped me to refocus my attention and energies on what I really wanted.  It also helped me stay positive so I could attract my Life Partner to me.

Guess what, it worked!  I got to marry my best friend who is loving, fun loving, healthy and so much more!

You can too!

I sincerely hope that you found my offering useful.

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