Make 2014 YOUR Year to Attract True, Lasting Love


We are into yet another year.

If you are one of the many singles dreaming of love and romance in the new-year, you’ll want try the guided exercise included in this post.

The Dream of true lasting Love

Conscious, mutually empowering committed relationships just don’t happen- we must create them.

One of the keys to attracting a compatible partner with whom you can build true lasting love is to become crystal clear on exactly what you want and why.

Once you become crystal clear on exactly what you want and why, you can then create a plan to attain your goals.

The power of our imaginative capacities as the creative force behind all human endeavor can not be overstated.

Our imaginative capacities play a critical, but unfortunately often misunderstood, role in the lives that we create for our selves and the good that we are able to do in the world.

So, I want to begin by dispelling the myth that you can have anything and everything that you can envision.

I call this belief: ‘The YOU can have it all lie”.

Sorry, you can’t have it all.

The Good News is that You can have what actually fulfills you.

That’s actually how we are ‘wired’.

In order for an envisioned outcome to come to fruition, it must be deeply rooted in inspiration.

It must be deeply rooted in our souls.

Plans that are based on superficial desires rarely come to fruition because there is no ‘seed’ in the dreamer’s soul from which to bring forth this fruit.

The relationship ‘myths’ and ‘half truths’ that we have all been exposed to can make it very, very hard to discern what we really want from what we have been taught that we should want.

Everyone, myself included, has bought into at least some of the mas-marketed story, societal ‘norms’ and ‘mythology’ around success, fulfillment and especially, love.

In addition, most of us, myself included, have actually cultivated desires for material things, relationships, and circumstances that are simply not consistent with who we are in our souls.

It is precisely because we don’t know what else to do that we find ourselves following such superficially based plans as if they were our true course.

Naturally, striving for something that is inconsistent with who we are at the very core of our being causes needless but very real frustration.

So what’s the solution?

The Solution is to use the power of your imaginative capacities to get in touch with an inspirationally based vision of your life with a partner who truly loves YOU for who YOU ARE.

Plans created in this manner always have a path to fulfillment.


This, my dear friends, is the key to successfully using the power of your imagination to create an actionable plan that is in alignment with who you are in your soul.

  • I use special tools to help my clients to get deeply in touch with their most dearly held values around life, fulfillment and romantic partnership.
  • We then create a living vision of a life with their ideal life partner.
  • Then we develop a ‘Love Action Plan’ that is in perfect alignment with their vision and most deeply held values.

I promised to share a guided imagery exercise with you.  I will now fulfill that promise.

Guided Living Vision Exercise:

I have used this and other guided imagery exercises to help my Clients to get more deeply in touch with their deepest, soul-based desires and resources.

If circumstances permit, print out the exercise and read it through a few times before you try it out.

I also recommend arranging circumstances so that you won’t be interrupted for about 20 minutes.

Some of my clients have pampered themselves with a nice hot bath before being guided through the exercise by me.

1. Sit comfortably erect in your chair. Be sure that your head, neck, and back are in a nice straight line.
2. Gently close your eyes, and get comfortable
3. Relax
4. Roll your shoulders forward, then back a few times
5. Roll your head gently around in a circle to the left and then to the right
6. Take several slow, deep breaths through your nose drawing the air deeply into your lungs, remembering to exhale completely.

Breathe slowly and completely.

With each inhalation imagine that you are drawing in healing, restorative forces

With each exhalation imagine that you are sending blessings out to the universe

Breath in

Breath out

Breathe deeply and fully

7. Now imagine a golden light entering through the crown of your head that also surrounds your entire body filling your mind with peace.
8. In your mind’s eye, picture your life with a committed partner who truly loves you for who you are.  Give yourself permission to fully embrace your vision.
9. Savior the details
10. Hold that image in your mind
11. Now place your hands over your heart cave located in the center of your chest right above your breast plate
12. Bring your attention to your heart cave
13. Now surrender the image in your mind to your heart of hearts
14. Keep your attention on your heart

Gently, but firmly tell yourself “I am loveable just the way I am”.

15. Now in this sacred space, ask yourself: “Why do I want a committed partner who truly loves me for who I am?”  
16. Simply allow the answer to rise up in you
17. Take your time 
18. When you’re ready gently bring yourself back to the present.  You may want to take a few deep breaths and gently rub your eyes.

I like to remind people that our memories are very powerful.  Your mind will hold onto anything that is truly important.

19. I invite you to write down anything you discovered.
20. It is often most useful to note the first thing that comes to mind.

Did you contact a deeper, more ‘inspirationally’ based vision of your life with a committed partner who truly loves you for who you are?

Did you get a deeper sense of why this sort of relationship is so important to you?

If you were able to connect with a deeper, more ‘inspirationally’ based vision of your life with a committed partner who truly loves you for who you are.


The deeper motives behind this powerful desire, I invite you to make this the basis of your action plan and build on it.

Many of my Clients have also used their ‘Living vision’ to create a sacred promise to themselves that helps them to stay the course when tempted to settle for whoever shows up!

My sacred promise to myself was:

I am a loving, kind man and I deserve a woman who loves me for who I am.  I will not settle for anything less.

Take a moment to jot something down

Like a recording of this exercise?

Contact me by email and we can make that happen!

I am here if you need me.

I sincerely hope that you found this post inspiring and useful.

I invite you to support our community by posting a comment or question on my blog.

I wish you all the best in the new-year.

See you next week.

Live, connect, love and prosper

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Comment by stephen light
January 8, 2014 @ 3:39 am

Love the visualisation Ron

Thank you

Love & Courage

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