Keys to Opening YOUR Heart to Love – Part 2

Post Two, Are Your Relationship Regrets Preventing You From Attracting True Love?


This is the second in a series of articles that are intended to help you begin the process of releasing the negative, pent up, emotional energy that is causing you to attract and settle for, incompatible men.

My own path to my Soul Mate was fraught with many disappointing relationships.  I seemed to attract all the wrong women and even almost married a woman who would have been a very bad match.


What was going on with me that was causing me to attract incompatible women?

One day when I was preparing a staff development training titled “The Dynamics of Anger” it struck me that regret leads to resentment, that if left unchecked, almost always leads to bitterness.

You see, I knew several older men who had convinced themselves that committed relationships with women are just not worth the “trouble”.

I also knew I did not want to end up like them – middle aged, lonely, and angry at the world.

In that moment I also realized that I was harboring a lot of regret regarding my failed marriage with my first wife and that if I didn’t deal with these feelings, they would negatively affect all of my romantic pursuits.

I also began to see how that pile of regret was beginning to turn into resentment toward my ex-wife and myself.

My own regrets about my failed marriage were even causing me to misjudge the intentions and actions of women I went out with.


So, where should I start?

I decided to begin by asking myself, when it comes to my failed marriage, what do I regret?

I got out a pad of paper and wrote down everything I regretted about my failed marriage.

Well, the list was long and painful to read.

However, I knew that I was onto something so I made the commitment to myself to journal about all of my regrets regarding my failed marriage for one week.

I was also inspired to ask the spiritual world to support me in this process.

After a week of journaling every day I had written a veritable book on the topic of divorce related regret.

I had no idea that I had so much regret around my failed marriage.

I knew that I had to get off the train of regret and resentment before it took me to the land of bitterness.  I also realized that I needed some objective, compassionate support to get this handled.

How about you?

Are your regrets leading to resentments that are hardening your heart to true love?

The good news:

You can’t let go of something unless you are aware that you are holding on to it.

Put another way, if in reading this article you have realized that your “relationship regrets” are preventing you from attracting the quality, loving man you want and deserve, then your awareness of this fact is an important opportunity and an invitation for you to take corrective action.

As Carl Jung put it:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will run your life and you will call it fate.”

The first step in dealing with your “relationship regrets” is to do what I did … dive in and uncover as many of your “relationship regrets” as you can.

So, I strongly encourage you to journal about your relationship related regrets.  This will be both revealing and painful.

Next, get some support.

Talk to your pastor, a therapist, a coach, and get some objective, compassionate support.

I enlisted the support of a close female friend who was also a trained therapist to help me through my process.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I rarely offer my services in my posts.

I am making an exception this time, as I have gone through this process myself and have developed some powerful tools to help my Brothers and Sisters face and work through their “relationship” regrets.

Take advantage of the opportunity life has put on your doorstep.

Contact me now for your complimentary “Opening Your Heart to Love” Consultation.  You’ll find a contact Ron page on my site.  Just follow the instructions.  I look forward to supporting you in taking this important step.

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