Keys to Making YOUR ‘Love Light Shine’


In last week’s post I proposed the notion that ‘we are all in the process of becoming who we are’.

This week I would like to explore the ramifications of this statement in more detail with special emphasis on ‘self acceptance’ and ‘the piece de resistance’- ‘self-love’.

Just about everyone I have had the pleasure of truly ‘getting to know’ has shared with me that they have struggled with low self-esteem and it’s concomitant lack of self-acceptance.


Please take a moment to be with this idea.

Often, low self-esteem stems from feelings elicited by the belief that we are less than competent in some area.

My own story around one aspect of self-acceptance and romance:

When it came to dating I often ‘held the belief’ that I just wasn’t ‘charming enough’ to attract a suitable life partner.

Truth be known, I am actually one of the most charming men you will ever meet.

Just ask my wife, my coach, anyone who really knows me well.

The key to unlocking my ‘charming self’ was to ‘let go of’ the self-limiting belief that I was not ‘sufficiently charming’ to be successful when it came to love and romance.

Once I let go of the self-limiting belief that I was not sufficiently charming to attract a suitable life partner, and replaced it with the empowering belief that the right women will be attracted to me just the way I am, a whole new world of romance began to open up for me.


What about you?

When it comes to love and romance what self-limiting beliefs are you holding onto that are repelling the right potential partners, while attracting the ones that are a poor match?

You see, once you just accept yourself for who you are –‘a work in progress’ and give yourself full permission to be exactly as you are a whole new world of opportunity will open up for you.

You will become more comfortable in your skin and therefore more relaxed. 

This is important as potential partners can not see you for the awesome person that you are if you are not relaxed enough to simply be yourself. 

Like in Star Trek, you must ‘lower your shields’ and allow your self to be seen for who you truly are.

You will be less judgmental of others and see them for who they are-‘a work in progress’ just like you!

You will see and be open to relationship and other opportunities that simply escaped your awareness in the past.

Could it really be that simple.

Yes, it is that simple!

The keys to identifying your self-limiting beliefs lie in your own consciousness- specifically in your thoughts and feelings.

Any time you notice your self thinking or feeling that:

  • “I just can’t ________”
  • “I am never going to succeed at _____________”
  • “I am just not good enough at _______ to get _______.”
  • “I am just too ______ , too _______, too ________ to attract a really awesome life partner.

You get the idea. 

A self-limiting belief is precisely that- a belief that limits what is possible for you.

Keys to getting past your self-limiting beliefs:

  • Be vigilant- pay attention to what enters your thoughts and feelings
  • Let go of any and all negative self-judgment
  • Relax- take a deep breath
  • Believe in yourself
  • Create a positive self statement (like I did in my example above) that counters the self-limiting belief that you noticed
    • Take the time to write it down
  • Be vigilant + Persistent
    • Once you commit to thinking more positively about yourself- stop yourself each and every time a self-limiting belief  ‘reappears’, let go of the self-limiting belief without any any negative self-judgment, and give your full attention to your new, positive self-statement.  This is the key to retraining your mind to think more positively.

I guarantee that you can re-train your thinking and move forward toward love and fulfillment.

Always remember, none of us are ‘perfect’, we are all in the process of becoming the awesome human beings that we are in our hearts!

Thanks for visiting.

See you next week!

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