How to avoid one of the most common pitfalls on the path to love


Last week’s post focused on a powerful method for setting priorities and getting into inspiring, fulfilling action.

This week, I would like to focus on an often over looked pitfall on the path to true, lasting love.

One of the most common mistakes I see dating singles make is simply going too fast.

It’s easy to understand why.

When love finally comes to down it is only natural to ‘want to make up for lost time’ and move forward.  This is especially true if a person has been single and ‘looking’ for a long time.

When we allow ourselves to embrace the belief that ‘we need to make up for lost time’ we unwittingly also embrace a perspective of scarcity that in turn causes us to act out of desperation.

We all know that ‘desperate people’ don’t make good decisions.

In fact it could be cogently argued that desperate people are simply reacting to their circumstances and are no longer in control of their lives.

Please take a moment to really let this in.

Keys to staying in control of your love boat’s course:

  • Take your time, go slowly
  • Figure out what soul-qualities are most important to you in a lover and commit to not ever settling for less
  • Commit to your own self-development
  • Commit to fully living your life each and every day

Go ‘slow to go fast’:

I have learned that one of the most important keys to successfully moving forward in love is to take your time and go slowly.

Now I must admit that this flies in the face of my natural tendency- which is generally to go as fast as I can.  My loving wife, Julia, and the treasure of my heart, constantly shows me the benefits of taking my time.

She is the tortoise and I tend to be the hare.

Crossing the finish line is not enough.

It is important that we run the right race!

Before getting together with Julia, I was running in the wrong race!

When you decide to begin dating someone new, take your time and really give you and your new friend time to get to know one another.  Pay close attention to his life style choices, his friends, family, etc.

Take the time to discuss things that are important to you and give him the opportunity and support to do the same.

It is also very important to remember that people grow and change and this is why I put so much emphasis on figuring out what soul qualities are most important to you in a life partner. And just as importantly to work on developing these qualities in yourself.

Commit to your own self-development

Conscious loving requires people to take their time and build their precious relationship on mutually shared values and goals.

This process begins now in the present in your own heart.

You are one of the pillars of the house of love you hope to build with your life partner.  Your work in the present is to cultivate the soul qualities that you want most in your partner.

The million- dollar question:

What are you doing right now to develop the soul qualities you want in your life partner?

Commit to living your life fully each and every day

I repeatedly emphasize that life is here now.  The past is gone.  The future is never going to get here.

If you want to attract a loving, devoted man who is happy and generally grateful for all that he has then you must strive to live life from a positive, gracious perspective.

I hope that you found this post inspiring and uplifting.

See you next week!

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