How I Work and What You Can Expect

My Primary Aim

My primary aim is to help you to build the mutually empowering, deeply satisfying, thrilling romantic partnership you long for.

Mutually empowering, deeply satisfying relationships don’t just magically happen, we must create them!

Years of professional counseling and coaching experience, the ‘school of hard knocks’, and my own dedication to the path of self-development have all helped to forge the tools that will help you to succeed.

As our work proceeds, you will learn to make the most of your precious relationship.

You will feel empowered, desired, and in choice.

You will be amazed at how easily our work unfolds.

My Coaching Process

You and I will form a very powerful, supportive professional relationship which will evolve to meet your changing needs.

I will provide you with coaching, personal mentoring, and written training materials that will help you to attain your relationship goals.

You will become more aware of your patterns of thoughts, feelings, speech, and action.  You will become more self-aware.

You will learn to ‘rewire’ your thinking – to replace self-defeating patterns with ones that support personal empowerment and choice.

You will have the opportunity to learn highly effective, proven strategies for managing fear and anxiety and for transforming frustrating indecision into decisive, fulfilling action.

ALL of  Your relationships will become more deeply connected, rich and fulfilling.  You will become more empowered and confident in all areas of your life.

My approach gets results.  Just ask my Clients!

Do the work.  Get the results.

I am fully committed to your success.

Core Philosophy:

  • All human beings are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
  • All human beings possess great inner wisdom that can be accessed through engaging in honest and direct dialogue that poses the right questions.

I’ll provide the questions; You’ll have the answers.  I guarantee it!

  • As fully empowered human beings we are all constantly surrounded by opportunity.  My job as your coach is to help you seize the moment and make the most of all of your opportunities.

All relationships act as ‘mirrors’ and therefore provide the richest possible ground for the work of self-development.

  • People who desire mutually fulfilling, loving relationships are responding to their innate desire for connection and community.
  • Anyone can, with the proper support, overcome the challenges they face in their quest to fulfill their soul-driven desire to give and receive love.

I got to marry my best friend and so can you.


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