Emotional Connection, What It Is and Why It Matters

Emotional Connection, What It Is and Why It Matters

If you are reading this article I am assuming that you are curious about this whole emotional connection thing. Perhaps you are re-entering the dating scene or want to ...

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Three Deadly Dating Lies

Three Deadly Dating Lies

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Meeting Mr. Right

Meeting Mr. Right

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Are you a highly motivated, successful, self-aware single man who is seeking a mutually fulfilling, committed relationship with a woman?

Are you burnt out on the singles scene and at a loss for how to attract the Love of Your Life?

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Feelings of sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Negative Self Judgements and feelings of “inadequacy” around not having a Life Partner
  • Progressively less motivation to try finding the right relationship
  • Lack of direction as to what next steps to take
  • Feeling “stuck”

What if things could be like this?

You have realized your dream and are in a committed, mutually fulfilling, loving relationship with a woman. You now have someone to “come home to”, someone to share your dreams, ambitions, fears, joys and sorrows with! No more singing “I got to find the right one blues!” You look forward to building a life together. You have more peace about your future.

Why you may be stuck in a relationship drought

Here are some common reasons, see what is true for you:

  • No clear vision of what you really want
  • Self doubt
  • Life has become filled with too much to do, possibly to avoid the whole relationship issue
  • No strategy for expanding your social network
  • Burnt out on trying
  • Don’t want to risk being hurt again
  • Waiting for God/fate to solve the “problem”
  • Simple “procrastination”

These things keep many men from finding genuine, loving, long-lasting happy  relationships.

What  you need to do

Make the internal commitment.
You are the Captain of your ship.  Only you can change it’s course.  It’s your life, make it all you want and deserve.
If you don’t, no one else will.

Get good support.
You do not have to do this on your own.
When your home requires professional attention, you retain the best service provider, follow their advice, and hold all involved accountable.

Doesn’t your life warrant the same considered approach?

Find and remove the hidden blocks.
Frankly, very few people can do this on their own.  This is where enlisting the support of a highly trained, experienced coach can make all the difference.  Think of your coach as a mirror that allows you to see yourself as you truly are. I’ll provide probing questions, custom designed activities and exercises, and the support you need to uncover and overcome your hidden road blocks.

Discover the next steps and confidently get into action.
Together we will develop actionable steps, discover your “relationship gifts”, and get you confidently into action and on the road to the Love of your life.

Give yourself permission to dream.
You deserve to be in the  loving, mutually fulfilling relationship you have always wanted.  Claim this dream as your birthright.
Don’t allow lack of self confidence, “difficult circumstances”,  a “troubled” childhood, a painful breakup, a failed marriage, or any other excuse to rob you of your dream!


What I Do

I founded Inspired Commitment Coaching Services with one purpose in mind: to assist single men in attracting and staying in relationship with compatible, loving life partners.
I form powerful, collaborative coaching relationships with successful, motivated men and together we work to actualize their relationship dreams.   I got to marry my best friend and so can you!

Next, find out if what I do is for you: Is this you?