Give the Gift that Really Matters


Today is the third Tuesday in December.

Folks are feeling the pressure to get their holiday cards, gifts, decorations, meals, grog, and other “holiday trappings” all together.

A sense of “unspecific urgency” goads us into obligatory, dutiful, yet somehow unfulfilling action, that nonetheless repeats itself every holiday season.

Here we go again.

But wait.  Does it have to be this way?

It is in this context that I pose the question:

What special gifts do you have in store for the ones you hold dear?

For me, the holiday season evokes reverence.

Reverence for all life and the incredible, soul-nourishing gift of human relationships.

From my perspective this is the season of renewal, giving and receiving, and heart-felt connection with our family, friends, neighbors, and community.

So for me, the most precious gift that we have to give is: ourselves.

Sounds so “trite”.  Surely, there must be more to it.


That’s it.

I invite you to just set an intention to give fully of yourself in every interaction you have with another human being.

Three Keys to giving more of what those close to you really want, more of you!

  • Slow Down
  • Become and stay Curious
  • Remember to give and receive physical affection (a warm handshake, hug, or friendly kiss)

Slow down

Our fast paced, materially oriented society does not make meaningful interpersonal relationships easy.

In order to really relate to each other, we must be “present”!

Being “present” is not something reserved for the mystics.

Being present simply means:

  • Giving our full attention to whatever we are engaged in


  • Not allowing ourselves to be distracted by the endless ramblings of our minds.

After all, life is here now.

The past is gone.

The future is well, not here yet, and is “uncertain”.

All we have is the present.

Make it count.

So, the next time you run into one of your friends or find yourself talking with someone you care about make a point to allow time and space for a meaningful conversation to develop.

In the realm of interpersonal relationships quality means more than quantity.

A brief heart-felt conversation will provide you and the person you are interacting with soul-nourishing human connection.

I promise you that such heart-felt connections are worth more than any material gift you could ever buy- at any price.

This holiday season, I invite you to make the people your priority.  The gifts, cards, parties, add infinitum will all find their proper place in your busy schedules. 

Give the gift of connection.

Be personal!

Slowing down will help you stay in command of your attention and will allow you to give and receive more while actually doing less.


Become and stay curious

When it comes to connecting with another human being, curiosity is the trump card.

I see your Queen of Hearts and we’ll connect because I’m holding a hand of nothing but Aces of curiosity, curiosity about you!

When was the last time someone really showed a deep interest in you?

How did that feel?

So, the next time you ask a family member, friend, or colleague how they are doing, I challenge you to really listen to their answer and to ask questions that give them the opportunity to actually share something meaningful.

Giving a friend, family member, colleague, or member of your community the time to share something personal is, in many instances, a gift beyond measure.

Personal connection requires being personal.

Let your guard down, open your heart, and share the love!

Use this holiday season as a time to build stronger emotional connections – a gift to yourself and your community that won’t get returned, exchanged, or put in a rarely accessed place in the garage.

We are always building our relationship houses.

Let’s use this holiday season as a time for some real “urban renewal”.   Building connection in this way is like planting beautiful, drought tolerant landscapes throughout your community.

Don’t forget that hug!

Physical touch is an innate human need. Take the time to share a warm handshake, hug, or friendly kiss with those you interact with.

I propose that we start an “Occupy Our Hearts Movement.”

We can all start by taking that extra moment or two to physically connect with whoever is nearby.

So, if you’re reading this in your cubicle at work, get up and give a colleague a hug.

If you left the house without giving your sweetie a heart-felt hug and kiss, make up for it when you return home.

If you live alone, set an intention to give someone you care about a warm embrace.

I invite you to turn on your love light and use this holiday season to build connection, community, and open your heart for love.

It is in giving that we receive.

I am here if you need me.

Live, Connect, Love and Prosper

See you next week.

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