Getting Rid of Your “Miss Desperate”

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you are aware that you have some “relationship baggage” and are interested overcoming these roadblocks so that you can successfully move down the road to the love of your life.

Well, you came to right place.

You may be feeling:

  • “stuck”
  • frustrated
  • a bit overwhelmed with the whole dating proces
  • not quite as confident as you would like and in need of some direction and support

Sound familiar?


Are you tired of dragging all of your
relationship baggage around?

I know I sure faced these and other “less than” helpful thoughts and feelings.  The time between my divorce and when I began dating my wife was definitely a very challenging and frustrating time for me.  I went out with gals I met but never seemed to find that deep connection I was looking for.  At one point, I actually began to wonder if there was really anyone out there for me.

How about You?

The following discussion contains some very important tips I learned through the inevitable “hard knocks” that came with trying to attract my True Love.

I hope you find the following inspiring and useful.

Before your next date I recommend doing a little mental/emotional self check in.

The idea is to at least be aware of some of your self doubts and how they affect your attitudes around dating.

Recognizing your “Miss Desperate”

The rest of this article I will focus on a sneaky little culprit many gals have running around in their minds that I call “Miss Desperate”. You know the voice that finds many different ways to tell you:

“You simply lack what it takes to meet the man of your dreams so you’d better settle for what comes your way.”

The truth is each of us has his own version of “Miss Desperate” who has many ways of telling us that we are not good enough to ever attract and keep our True Love.

Why “Your Miss Desperate” has got to go!

It should be self evident that allowing such negative self talk to go unchecked will greatly reduce your capacity to attract True Love. The voice of your “Miss Desperate” has got to go!  This sort of thinking will:

  • have you approach dating with a marked lack of self confidence
  • compel you to make dating choices that do not honor the qualities you truly want and deserve in a Life Partner
  • drive potentially compatible men away, really!

This is because actions taken from “Miss Desperate’s” various “I’m not worthy perspectives” will always lead to disappointing outcomes and regret.

This is why your “Miss Desperate” has to go!

So if you are going to rise up above self doubt and have more opportunity and success in the dating arena you absolutely must:

  • Recognize the various voices of your “Miss Desperate”
  • Develop an effective action plan for replacing the negative, self defeating self talk of your “Miss Desperate”, with  inspiring, motivating  self talk that will support you in your quest to attract the Love of Your Life.

Learning to recognize your “Miss Desperate”

Before you can actually  manage your “Miss Desperate” you must clearly recognize her method for undermining your self confidence. Her power lies in the “land of self limiting beliefs”, and her many assertions have one thing in common…. to keep you single, lonely, and, of course “desperate”.
Learning to recognize your “Miss Desperate’s” voice is really very easy.

Every time you become aware of that nagging little voice that is trying to tell you that you have to settle for whatever comes your way, instead of the truly compatible, loving life partner you want and deserve, your “Miss Desperate” is undermining your capacity to attract true love.


Please give this some thought.

In order to succeed in managing your “Miss Desperate”, you need a plan.

An Old saying of mine: “Having a plan puts the mind at ease, so that the heart can shine”.

Your Action Plan:

Make the necessary mental preparations:
Develop a positive, motivating self statement that affirms your belief in yourself and asserts your confidence that you will succeed in your quest for the Love of  Your Life.

Here’s the positive self statement that I created to handle my “Mr. Desperate”:

“ I have a lot to offer to a committed, loving relationship and will attract my True Love.”

Do this now.

If you just don’t have the forces to create your own positive self statement now, you are welcome to use the one I created until you can get this done.

This way you are ready the next time your “Miss Desperate” tries to steel the keys to your kingdom!

Managing Your “Miss Desperate”

Every time you become aware that your “Miss Desperate” is present in your thinking follow these steps:

Let go
of all
negative self judgement

Send your “Miss Desperate” to do something useful like dropping off your dry cleaning.

Replace her belittling  voice with your positive self statement to refocus your attention on what you really want and deserve.

Each and every time you follow this plan you are taking another step toward True Love.


The keys to Your success:

Be vigilant
Don’t let your “Miss Desperate get going”.  As soon as you hear her belittling little voice, relax, take a deep breath, and gently but firmly (without any anger) send her away to do something useful, like doing the laundry.

Be consistent
It is critical to deal with “Miss Desperate” as planned every time she reveals herself.  As soon as “Miss Desperate” shows up, thank her for her concern and send her to do something really useful like dusting the house.


Immediately repeat your positive, motivating self statement with conviction, and out loud, if circumstances permit.

Let go of all self judgement
I cannot emphasize this enough.  You are not
your “Miss Desperate”.  So if any negative self judgements arise just let them go.

Take a deep breath and relax.

And Always remember that you are the Queen of of your kingdom.

BE patient
It took time for “Miss Desperate” to become established in your consciousness and develop to the point where she is able discourage you in your relationship pursuits.  It will take time to retrain your thinking to hold your new positive, self confident focus.

BE persistent
You guessed it, if you just keep:

  • gently but firmly sending “Miss Desperate” away
  • letting go of all negative feelings and self judgments
  • replacing those nagging self doubts with positive, self statements that affirm your self worth and assert your confidence that you will attain your goal…

You will succeed.

“Full effort results in full victory”

Your “Miss Desperate” will gradually loose her capacity to derail your relationship train.

I promise!

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Comment by savannah
April 5, 2016 @ 8:53 am

do you have any idea that how can miss desperate become a normal girl?? 🙁 help me!! please!

Comment by Ron
May 14, 2016 @ 10:00 pm

Hello, I replied to your comment and request some time ago but do not see it.
Basically, you must retrain your thinking.
Everyone has the capacity to to do this.
Thoughts and the feelings that they evoke set the stage for how our lives to unfold.
Our self-talk and speech tell us a lot about ourselves.
Your life today is the result of what you have given your attention to.
Let go of all negative self-appraisal.
Breath, relax, and acknowledge yourself for the unique human being that you ARE.
Cultivate self-acceptance and self-love.
Hangout with people who appreciate you for who you are. Everyone has moments when they feel and believe that they are not worthy of love.
Journal about everything you bring to the world.
Being desperate is a choice. Make the choice to believe that you are worthy of love.
To love and Courage! Ron

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