From Struggle to Flow, Part One


Building a romantic partnership that is truly mutually empowering and mutually fulfilling can be very challenging.

Raising children often compounds these challenges.

Your success is totally in your hands.

In this month’s newsletter I will begin a discussion of the 10 principles (I will cover 5 today and 5 in next month’s newsletter) that have helped me and many of my Clients to move from struggle to flow; from just ‘making it day’-to-day to really thriving.

I am going to be very direct.

My intention is to speak to your soul.

I’ll begin by sharing a little about myself.

The truth be known, for years, I believed that I had to constantly ‘prove myself’ on many fronts.

I also often compared myself to others and sometimes just didn’t fully believe in myself.

Consciously and unconsciously embracing these disempowering perspectives naturally resulted in negative self-judgment and an underlying belief system that I was simply not ‘good enough’.

All of this caused a good deal of negative self-talk that kept me from seeing myself accurately and acting more adaptively.

I just didn’t  fully accept and love myself.

I am delighted to share that I now see myself in a very positive light- as the incredibly capable, transformational human being that is bursting forth from the depths of my soul.

I no longer feel that I must prove myself to anyone.

I credit my spiritual teacher and my loving, wise, and practical wife, Julia, for their role in my journey of self-development.

If my ‘own story’ resonates with you, you will find what I am going to share very inspiring, motivating and ‘liberating’.

So fasten your seat belt and get ready to board the starship of personal empowerment as we explore the inner space of our souls.


Principles to thrive by

  • You don’t ever have to prove yourself,  just be yourself
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Always do your personal best
  • Replace  “I can’t”, with, “Of course I can”
  • Learn to see failure as an ally on your journey to self-mastery and higher states of being

I will now briefly elaborate on each principle.

You don’t ever have to prove yourself,  just be yourself

We are all works in progress.

I invite you to give yourself full permission to just be who you are.

You are so much more than your ‘accomplishments’.

March to the drummer that you hear in your soul- you are on a journey of self-mastery, to fully manifesting your highest most magnificent self.

Learn to go with the flow.

Stop comparing yourself to others

When you compare yourself to others, most of the time you will end up lowering your opinion of yourself.

You are a unique human being that is not really ‘comparable’ to anyone else.

In addition, when you compare yourself to others you generally will end up grossly over-valuing all that you are not, while undervaluing all that you are.

Learn to leave yourself in freedom to be who you are.

Embracing this perspective will also help you to see and appreciate the beauty and resourcefulness in others.

What we appreciate; appreciates.

This is the foundation of all abundance.

You will also begin to attract more positive and supportive people into your life.

Always do your personal best

When you commit to always bring your personal best you challenge yourself in positive, productive ways.  This is the foundation of personal growth and self-mastery.

If you really want to thrive – to live up to the potential in your soul – I invite you to make the life changing commitment to always bring your personal best.

If you have children, most likely you encourage them to do their personal best- step up to the plate and lead by your own example.

Children, especially younger ones, really love a challenge.

They also learn a lot through imitation.  Model bringing your personal best and I guarantee you that your children will thrive.

By always striving to bring your personal best you are creating a family culture that fully supports personal growth and adaptive living.

Replace  “I can’t”, with, “Of course I can”

Any time you tell yourself, “I can’t”, you are selling yourself short- you are choosing to limit what is possible now and in the future.

The future is just a nanosecond ahead; prepare now, by cultivating an “I can attitude”.

Cultivate the practice of replacing “I can’t”, with, “Of course I can”.

We attract the very circumstances we need to take our lives to the next level – to gradually realize the vast, unlimited potential in our soul.

You know this to be the truth.

Step up to your challenges with faith, self-confidence, and the assurance that you are meant to thrive.

Learn to see failure as an ally on your journey to self-mastery and higher states of being

I cannot emphasize this point enough.

It’s very simple: no challenge, no opportunity for growth.

In life challenge is inevitable; defeat is optional.

As I shared in a previous post, I invite you to give yourself full permission to fail miserably.

Those who experience very little failure in life have not attempted many new things.

Conversely, those who have accomplished great things will tell you that they failed far more often than they succeeded.

Albert Einstein said that the only reason he was able to solve the mathematical problems he resolved was not due so much to his vast intellect as it was to just being persistent.

He embraced failure as a source of data that could be obtained only through experimentation.

To drive the point home further, all discoveries include miss-steps.

My “motto”:  “Create and test”.

I invite you to consider how this perspective is different from “trial and error”.

This, my Brothers and Sisters, will help you to stay inspired.

Inspiration and not raw will power is the ‘backbone’ of the persistence necessary to remain true to yourself and fulfill your highest destiny.

Be sure to tune in next month when I will continue this discussion and provide more food for you soul.

I sincerely hope that you found this post inspiring and useful

I am an email away if you need me.

Your friend and staunch ally,

To Love and Courage!


Live, Connect, Love and Prosper’

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Comment by stephen light
August 11, 2015 @ 7:58 am

Love in Action

Thank you Ron. I love how you use your own relationships to demonstrate learnings

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