Five Things YOU Can Do Right Now to Attract YOUR Soul Mate – Part 1

Post One, Developing A Clear Vision


This is the first in a series of five articles that will help get you “unstuck” and on the path to true, lasting love.

My own journey to my Soul Mate was, well, rather circuitous.  I seemed to date all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.  I was unconsciously consistently putting out signals that attracted people I could never be truly happy with.

I vacillated between being in badly miss-matched relationships and being totally frustrated with the whole dating thing.

At one point, I can remember telling my self that I shouldn’t even bother dating.

I actually got to the place where I was beginning to believe that there was no one out there for me.

Sound Familiar?

When I shared this with my meditation teacher, who was highly perceptive and skilled at helping folks effectively deal with their relationship struggles, an interesting and life changing dialogue began.

Curious about what followed?

My meditation teacher shared two life changing “observations” that got me unstuck and on the path to true, lasting, mutually fulfilling love – the path to my Soul Mate and the treasure of my heart.


If you want something to manifest in your life, you must first become crystal clear on exactly what it is that you really want and why.


You don’t have to figure it all out on your own and enlisting support is a sign of wisdom and strength and not something to be ashamed about.

So, I accepted his advice.

With support, I became crystal clear on exactly what I truly wanted in a life partner.  This helped me to end my “pity party” and opened the door for me to connect with, and eventually marry my best friend.

When we are out together people often approach us, and comment on how fun, loving, and positive our relationship seems to them.


I get to sleep with my best friend every night and so can you.

Here’s the deal.

When you lack a clear vision of what you really want you:

  • tend to make relationship and other important choices that do not fully honor who you are at your core, and therefore, do not really satisfy you.

This eventually results in a discouraging cycle of disappointment, regret, and negative self-judgement, that if not dealt with, ultimately leads to deeply entrenched bitterness, the love “killer”.

The point:

What you have been doing up to now has not gotten you the relationship results that you want.  So please take a step back and spend some time and effort exploring what you really want in a Soul Mate.

I have provided some questions as a starting point.  There are no right answers.  Please take some time with this.  I recommend writing down your responses and revisiting them in 24 hours.  I also recommend that you ask the universe to support you in your self-exploration.

  1. What qualities do you bring to romantic relationships?
  2. What makes being in a romantic relationship fun?
  3. What makes being in a romantic relationship a drag?
  4. Name five qualities you admire about yourself.
  5. Name five qualities that absolutely must have in your Soul Mate.
  6. Now explain why your Soul Mate must absolutely have the qualities you just listed.
  7. What else is important to you?

What did you learn about yourself and what you want in your Soul Mate?

Notice that most of the focus is on you.

There is a simple reason for this.

Your Soul Mate is out there.  His/her essence is already etched in your consciousness.  Dig deep and you will find it and in so doing you will take a huge step toward fulfilling one of the deepest desires of your heart.

If you took the time to thoughtfully respond to the questions I posed, you most likely gained some insight into how you view yourself, your life, and what you really must have in your Soul Mate.


You have taken a first step toward attracting your Soul Mate.

You have also experienced how a directed line of questioning and honest self-evaluation can be useful in opening up your mind to new ways of looking at things.

Next week’s News Letter:

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