Five Things YOU Can Do Right Now to Attract YOUR Soul Mate – Part 3

Post Three, Self-care and Attracting Love


This is the third in a series of five articles that will help get you “unstuck” and on the path to true, lasting love.

If you have been following this discussion thread, you probably are anticipating that I will share a little bit about my own struggle to find true love to help shed light on the process of attracting your Soul Mate.

You’re right!

OK, I’ll spill the beans.

Although, I had been athletic and fit my whole life after my first wife divorced me, I was in a bad car accident that changed my life.  I couldn’t run, do Yoga, lift weights, ride my mountain bike, play volleyball … Heck, I couldn’t even grip my drumsticks well enough to play my drums.


Naturally, I gained weight, felt sorry for myself, and almost gave up on the whole relationship thing.

So what turned things around for me?

My meditation teacher and I had a series of conversations that got me out of my funk and put me back on the path to physical and emotional recovery.

One day I was at one of our fellowship meetings feeling particularly sorry for myself.  My first wife had just divorced me … Never mind we won’t go there … I was still in chronic pain from the car accident I mentioned earlier.  I couldn’t do most of what I loved.

I had a right to be in a funk!

Well, my meditation teacher clearly did not see things that way.

So, he took me aside and asked me a simple question:

“Do you want to live the rest of your life this way?”

I was astonished by the directness of this question.

However, my deep respect for him combined with the fact that I knew that he deeply cared about me allowed me to “let his question in” and give it “due consideration”.

What I realized was that I absolutely did not want to live the rest of my life this way.

So the next time we talked, I asked him what he would do if he was in my situation.

Naturally, he responded with another question. No wonder I became a coach!  LOL!

A few minutes later he said, “Do what you can”.

“Do what you can”.

In that moment I realized that my health, well-being, and future were still in my own hands and that I could be doing something to make things better.

I was also not ready to give up on my dream of being with my Soul Mate.

So I asked myself:

Did I want to attract a person who feels sorry for themselves and won’t take steps to over come the challenges that life inevitably brings?


Did I want to attract a person who adapts, perseveres, and makes the best out of their current situation, whatever that may be?

In that moment I had another realization:

Be what I want to attract.

So I began where I was at.

I really started watching what I ate, doing some very brief, light exercise, and not giving in to “feeling sorry for myself”.

I made a point to meditate twice daily and manage the realm of my mind with more vigilance.

You see there is a very strong relationship between self-care and self- acceptance and at a deeper level, self-care and self-love.

By making the effort to take care of yourself – physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually – you are sending out a strong signal to the universe that you are really ready to love some one else.

So where are you at with your own rhythm of self-care?

Some areas of focus that I have found helpful follow:

  • Diet   You don’t have to go nuts here – nuts are for squirrels!  Just be sensible and allow yourself a treat from time to time.
  • Exercise in accordance with your age, health, and physical condition.
  • Rest sufficient sleep in accordance with your needs.  Short naps (20 – 30 minutes) can be very revitalizing.
  • Time with Loving Friends   Please don’t neglect important relationships. You never know when people will leave this physical plane.  You need the support of others to move forward toward your relationship and other life goals.  They need your support as well.
  • Spiritual Practices   such as meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, prayer, singing uplifting songs, time spent on self-reflection/introspection, to mention a few such practices, play an important role in keeping one inspired and balanced. Even Gandhi, when he was busy freeing his people from British rule took time daily to seek the inner support of the spiritual world.
  • Fellowship or time spent with folks with world-views similar to yours.  Once again, we all need the support of like-minded people to stay on course.
  • Inspirational Reading   We all need to refill “our inspirational tanks” on a regular basis to help us awake and alive.  I have found great inspiration in biographical works, poetry, and the writings of inspired teachers and mystics of all faiths and religious traditions. Read whatever inspires you to be your best.
  • Playing Music, Creating Art, Sewing, Creative Writing, Cooking, Gardening, etc  I highly recommend engaging in creative activities that bring you joy and inspiration.
  • Time in Nature   For many of us, time with nature can be incredibly revitalizing, inspiring, and grounding.
  • Playing team or individual sports   Many people just thrive on competitive sports. 
  • Community Service Projects   Many people find inspiration and great fulfillment volunteering in a neighborhood soup kitchen, community garden, public library, etc.  “It is in giving, that we receive”.

Now this list is not intended to be exhaustive.  Everyone knows what they need to do to take care of themselves.

The point: 

If you are seeking a self-aware person who accepts themselves for they are, takes good care of themselves, and puts time and effort into living into their full potential, then shouldn’t you be moving in the same direction?

One other thing:

Be sure to enlist the support of your friends, family, colleagues, etc.

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