Five Things YOU Can Do Right Now to Attract YOUR Soul Mate – Part 2

Post Two, Magnetizing Yourself for Love


This is the second in a series of five articles that will help get you “unstuck” and on the path to true, lasting love.

In reflecting about my own romantic pursuits, I realized that a good deal of my disappointment resulted from often unfounded, but, nonetheless persistent and powerful negative beliefs I had running around in my head.

I often noticed thoughts like:

  • “I always seem to pick the absolute worst people to fall in love with”.
  • “I am just not “good” at this dating thing”.
  • “I’m just too out of shape to attract a nice looking partner”.
  • “All of the “good ones” are taken”.

How about you?

What I didn’t realize was that such patterns of thought were actually repelling my Soul Mate.

Are negative thoughts and feelings keeping you from confidently going after the man of your dreams?

I discovered how to transform my “inner world” to magnetize myself for Love, and got to marry my best friend.

What we say to ourselves in our heads becomes our reality and forms our future.

As the compassionate Buddha put it, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.

Cognitive psychologists commonly refer to patterns of negative, self-defeating thoughts as “self- limiting beliefs”.

Identifying and replacing your relationship related self-limiting beliefs with positive, empowering beliefs is an essential step that will make you attractive to your Soul Mate from the inside out.  Positive self-statements that support what we truly want from life are sometimes referred to as “Positive Affirmations”.

Creating a positive mental outlook is also the first step in “magnetizing yourself for love”.

So if are you ready to clear the weeds from the garden of your mind so that you can plant the seeds of thoughts that will begin to attract your Soul mate,

Follow the steps outlined below.

Step one:

Identify a self-limiting belief.

An example from my own life:

“No gal is ever going to want to date me when she finds out that I play drums, hang out with musicians, and keep weird hours.”

Some other examples other folks have shared with me:

“I just never meet the right guys”

“I need to lose a few pounds before the man of my dreams will be attracted to me”.

What’s one you’d like to banish from your inner world?

Got it.

Get out a piece of paper and write it down.

Step two:

Create a positive self-statement that counters the self-limiting belief you just wrote down.

In my case I replaced: “No gal is ever going to want to date me when she finds out that I play drums, hang out with musicians, and keep weird hours”


“My Soul Mate will accept me and my love of music.”

See how easy that is!

Guess what?

My Soul Mate and best friend is learning to play the bass and loves to jam!

How cool is that!

The point:

You don’t have to give up the things you love to attract true love!

The very thing that I was absolutely convinced would prevent me from establishing the lasting, mutually fulfilling, loving relationship I had always dreamed of actually was a turn on for my True Love.

Now it’s your turn.

Create your Positive Relationship affirmation now.

Got it.

Write it down.

Now say it out loud.

Now say it out loud with conviction.

One other tip:

Post your new positive self-statement on your bathroom mirror.  This will remind you that you are reshaping your thinking in line with what you actually want and deserve.

Use this strategy to replace any and all self-limiting beliefs.

Change your thinking; change your life!


You have taken another step toward attracting your Soul Mate.

Next week’s News Letter:

Self-care and Attracting Love

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