Five Things YOU Can Do Right Now to Attract YOUR Soul Mate – Part 4

Post Four, Practice Gratitude


This is the fourth in a series of five articles that will help get you “unstuck” and on the path to true, lasting love.

My own life has been filled with opportunity and disappointment.  This was especially true when it came to romantic relationships.

The time period between my divorce from my first wife and when my true Soul Mate and I started the romantic phase of our relationship was especially frustrating.  After my divorce, it took me 18 months before I went out on a real date and then I seemed to be in one miss-matched relationship after another.

To make things even more difficult, the psychiatric facility at which I worked began accepting more and more aggressive male patients that my assistant and I were just expected to handle.  My work situation was very stressful and I really wanted to be in a relationship with a supportive, loving woman – that I just couldn’t seem to find.

At this point in time I had the blessing of teaching my Adaptive Living  Skills class both at Merced Junior college and, on the weekends, at their extension in Yosemite National park.  The class was filled with people anxious to learn how to manage stress more effectively and gave me the opportunity to regularly be in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

One Sunday after my class was over I went for a long hike and spent some time reflecting on my life.  In the peace and stillness of a deep mediation I was overcome with an incredible sense of gratitude for all that I had and for the privilege of getting to spend my weekends in Yosemite.

I realized that I had a choice.

I could be thankful for all that I had: friends, a fulfilling, yet difficult job, a wonderful teaching gig, generally good health, etc.  The list of things, circumstances, people, etc seemed endless.


I could allow the fact that I didn’t have that special person in my life continue to get me down.

Secondly, I realized that if I wanted to attract a spiritually awake, fun loving, joyful woman, that I had to be more of that myself.

Finally, I realized that if I wanted the help of the spiritual world in finding true love, that I must try and live from a place of sincere gratitude.

I had discovered a powerful truth:

If I wanted the Grace of God to manifest in my life as the active, positive, inspirational, powerful force it is, then I must live graciously.

Being grateful for your life as it is now is absolutely essential if you are to access the inspirational and motivational forces that live in your soul.

I had discovered one of the foundational pillars of the Law of attraction.

If I wanted to attract a sweet, loving, joyful, supportive woman then I needed to be that type of person myself.

I also realized that regret leads to resentment that, if left unchecked, leads to bitterness.  Bitterness is the Love killer.  I already knew this from my professional counseling experience with troubled couples.

Believe it or not, in that moment I found the Grace to “get over myself” and move on with faith and hope that I could make the life I wanted, and that the universe was already supporting my efforts.

So I asked myself, how do I do I cultivate a deep and sincere attitude of gratitude?

The answer that came to me was to start a “Gratitude Journal”.

Upon my return to the valley floor, I went to the village store and bought a journal and began the practice of making daily entries about all the things I was grateful for.

I have done this for years.

It has paid huge dividends.

I highly recommend that you commit to the same practice.

Need a little more convincing.

Think of your Gratitude Journal as an “emotional savings account”.  The more entries it has, the more positive emotional energy you have saved up for times when thing aren’t going so well.

Common sense tells you: If you practice being grateful for all of the little blessings in life when things are going well, then you can find something to cheer you up when the proverbial you know what hits the fan.


I encourage you to get started right now.

All you need is pad of paper to get started.  I recommend that you make daily entries and that you make an appointment with yourself to review your entries once weekly.  It is also very helpful to review your entries daily before you go to sleep.  I have found that this practice helps me to wake up refreshed, with positive attitude.

I challenge you to find 50 things that you are thankful for before you hit the hay.

One more thing:

My beloved wife and Soul Mate has repeatedly told me that one of the major things that attracted her to me was my attitude of gratitude and the joy she perceives in me as a result of my unflappable, positive, attitude.

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