Do YOU Believe in Love?


Here in America, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Are past struggles with dating and romantic partnership causing you to believe that true lasting love is simply out of your reach?

Today’s post will help you to embrace a more positive and empowering perspective on life, love and your future.

A basic truth about life:

We attract circumstances, people, and events that reflect and are consistent with our beliefs.

If past relationship struggles have caused you to believe that ‘true, lasting love’ is a ‘fairy tale’ that just will never come true for you, I have some good news.

First, as my Grandmother used to say, “Never is a long, long time”.

People can meet and fall in love at any age, at any stage of their life.

I cannot tell you how many happy couples have told me that they found true love when they least expected it.

Second, if you desire to build a deeply satisfying romantic partnership but have strong lingering doubts then I invite you to thank your ‘Doubting Thomas’ for his concerns.

Then simply make the choice to do the work to achieve the outcome that you really want.

Your past problems with romantic partnership do not have to doom you to a life of loneliness.

If you are feeling ‘bogged down’ with ‘relationship baggage’, get the help you need to identify and overcome your issues.

It’s never too late.

YOU can make the choice to embrace hope, faith and love.

I have helped people in the latter stages of their lives to get their relationship issues handled and build very satisfying romantic partnerships.

Do the work.

Get the results.

I did.

After struggling for years with miss-matched, broken relationships, I finally managed to build a romantic partnership that really meets me.

We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

I got to marry my best friend and so can you!

Here’s the ‘root cause’:

I have found that far too many people over value what they are not while undervaluing all that they are.

I’ll say it again:

Far too many people over value what they are not while under valuing all that they are.

Please take a moment to consider what I just shared.

I invite you to go out and take note of couples.  You will find that they come in all sizes, shapes, ages, careers, education, and so on.

I encourage you to make a list of all of the wonderful qualities that you have and can therefore bring to a committed romantic partnership.

Please do this now.

YOU are a catch.

Time to embrace all of you.

Isn’t that what you want your ideal love to do?

If you can’t embrace all of you, then how can you expect anyone else to?

It is time for you to stand up and shine!

Here’s a link to an older well-read post that discusses self-acceptance and self-love:

Don’t let another Valentine’s Day crush your hopes for true, lasting love.

Use the energy in your being to get to work on yourself and become more of the person that you are in your soul.

You can make this year, your year!

I am here if you need me.

Your friend and staunch ally,

To Love and Courage!


Live, Connect, Love and Prosper

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