Deepening YOUR Connection with Your Partner, Children, and Family


Here in America the Thanksgiving Holiday is almost upon us.

What are you most thankful for?

For me, I am present with my deep appreciation of my wife and stepson and our ever-deepening emotional connection.

Building a mutually fulfilling romantic partnership and strong, meaningful family ties is not rocket science.

All of us, myself included, can do more to build deeper levels of emotional connection with those we love.

The keys to your success:

  • Commit to always bringing your personal best.
  • Be respectful.
  • Strive to listen attentively, allow the other person to complete their thought(s) before responding, and choose your words carefully
  • Honor your values, but don’t force them on others.
    Leave others in ‘freedom’ to be who they are and see the world from their unique perspective.
  • If you ‘blow it’, admit it, make amends and move on.
  • Cultivate tolerance.

Other ideas to consider:

As I like to say, “We are always building our relationship house”.

It will probably come as no surprise that it is the daily, routine patterns of communication that ‘make or break’ our romantic partnerships and relationships with our children.

When one of his devotes asked M. K. Gandhi about “love”, he began by saying, “Respect is the minimum expression of love”.

As many of you know, I believe that the keys to a deeply fulfilling life already exist within our souls.

We are all “wired” for success, growth, and fulfillment.

We all know the truth of our existence.

Ask and you shall receive; Seek and you shall find; Knock and the door will be opened.

The problem is we generally simply don’t take the time to search our souls for the answers to life’s challenges- for the “truth of our own existence.”

Before proceeding, I invite you to take a few slow, deep breaths.

This will still your mind and help you to be more fully present.

The importance of regular reflection:

Regular reflection about you and your life circumstances, sometimes referred to as “Self-study”, can reveal a lot about yourself, your life, and your precious relationships with your partner and children.

I have often referred to this practice as “The Inner Work of Love”.

Below are some questions for your consideration.

When reflecting on my own life, I have found it best to take the time to actually write my thoughts down.

This is because the act of writing tends to unify our consciousness because it connects our heart (love / compassionate capacities), head (thinking), and hand (speech / actions).

Questions to ponder:

  • Do your daily, routine interactions really demonstrate your respect and love for your Partner / children?
  • Do your daily, routine interactions demonstrate self-respect / self-love?  Do you honor your deepest values?
  • Do you have a tendency to avoid expressing difficult feelings?
  • Are their topics you have avoided discussing with your Partner / children?
  • Do you regularly “check in” with your Partner / children?  Do you have regular “ couples / family meetings”?
  • Is your love for your partner /children truly unconditional?  Do you leave them in freedom to be who they are?

So what came up for you?

Wondering where to start?

I invite you to dig deep and muster up the courage to start where ever you are.

Start the conversation.

Do the work; Get the results!

Do not waste a minute of your precious time ‘beating yourself up’ over past miss-steps.

We ALL misspeak.  We ALL can be insensitive.

When this happens, own up to your mistake, do what you can to make amends if appropriate, and recommit to bringing your personal best to all of your relationships.

It’s truly the striving that matters.

The path of self-elevation, of self-mastery, is long and arduous.

The journey can be made. No time like the present to begin.

One more thing:

Love is not some sentimental, pie-in-the-sky thing.

Love is “practical”.

It manifests clearly in your thoughts, speech, and actions.

Need my support?

I am an email away.

I sincerely hope that you found this post inspiring and useful.

Your friend and staunch ally,

To Love and Courage!


Live, Connect, Love and Prosper’

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Comment by williamtrimpi
November 10, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Thanks Ron this was helpful—-it’s the “ordinary” living moments
throughout the day where life lives. Thank you for your work—Bill

Comment by stephen light
November 11, 2015 @ 3:50 am

Dear Ron

Cultivate Tolerance. Two words that speaks volumes about how we can impact all relationships positively. I know you could write a whole article around this and I am going to see if I can.

Thank you. I believe this world needs more cultivating tolerance

Love & Courage
Stephen Light

Comment by Ron
November 14, 2015 @ 10:12 am

Dear the Stephen,
Thanks for your comment and for so faithfully supporting our community. The recent events in Paris point to the importance of “cultivating tolerance”. From my world view, cultivating tolerance is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This is because when we are merely “tolerating” something we are still holding onto a strong aversion to it. If the aversion is strong it amounts to repressed hatred. Therefore, the place to start is by uncovering, understanding and, through the grace of God, cultivating true Self acceptance. This is one reason why asking a person “What are you tolerating?” often elicits such a deep and powerful response. In order to truly accept others we must be willing to face ourselves as we are and fully and unconditionally accept and love ourselves. I call this “the inner work of love”.
I am working on an article as we speak.
YOUR Friend and staunch ally,

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