De-mystifying The Law of Attraction, Part Two


This is the second post in a series of articles on the Law of Attraction.  If you are a new subscriber or did not get the opportunity to read last week’s post, I recommend that you do so when your time and energy allows.

A brief summary of the previous post follows.

I have created this series of posts to “de-mystify” the law of attraction.  I have attempted provide a simple, practical explanation of my view of the Law of Attraction.

This is in response to Clients who asked me to do so.

It is my view that our own cognition is sufficient to answer the questions posed by our own existence. And that each of us is fully capable of accessing all of the deepest resources that exist within our souls and, yes, the universe.

I believe that it is in asking questions and questioning answers that we can come to know the truth about anything relevant to our existence.

Simply put the Law of Attraction is a combination of the interplay between free will and the Grace of God

My meditation teacher, Eknath Easwaran, used to describe the interplay between our free will and the Grace of God thusly: “The Grace of God is a warm, gentle breeze that blows freely across the ocean of life; set your sail to catch it”.

I will briefly address the following questions:

  • What is “the Grace of God”?
  • How do we “set our sails to catch it”?
  • How will knowing any of this help me attract my Soul Mate?

What is “the Grace of God”?

From my world-view, “the Grace of God” manifests as the unseen forces that support life, inspire us to strive to live into our full potential, and awaken the almost endless capacities that live in the depths of our souls.

How do we “set our sail” to catch it?

If we want to have a living, daily experience of the powerful support of the Grace of God, then we ourselves must live graciously.

In order to access the ultimate, supportive power of the universe we can begin by cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude.

What we appreciate, appreciates!

A contented person is in more freedom to see things as they are instead as they “need” or would like them to be.

How will knowing any of this help me attract my Soul Mate?

Do you want to attract a generally contented, giving partner or one that is stingy, selfish, and never satisfied?

Which type of person would you prefer to raise a family with?


The choice is yours.

Now on to De-mystifying the Law of Attraction, Part Two

I will focus on one critical area that will help you work with the universe in attracting your Soul Mate:

  • Self-acceptance and self-love

The importance of cultivating self-acceptance and self-love

One of the keys to attracting your Soul Mate is self-acceptance and self-love.  Your Soul Mate will be attracted to the “real You”.

Actually your Soul Mate is already attracted to the “real YOU” just the way you are.

When I say the “real You” I am referring to the you that forms the essence of who you really are, your true self.

You see all of us, myself included, tend to hold onto all kinds of “junk” that dilutes our true essence.

You know, all those negative self-judgments, less than kind things our parents and others have said about us, and all of the rest our accumulated, perceived short comings.

At the same time we all also tend to hold onto ideas about ourselves that are “inflated” in an attempt to compensate for our accumulated, self-perceived faults.

All of this “junk”, both the negative stuff and the stories and things we have created to compensate for our accumulated, perceived short comings dilute the  “real YOU”.

We then project this incomplete view ourselves out into the universe for all to see.

Its almost as if we have hidden our true most magnificent selves under a basket and expect our beloved to somehow stumble upon the basket, remove it, and kiss us to awaken ourselves to ourselves.

A little aside here:

My beloved wife’s deep, unconditional love for me has helped to awaken more and more of who I truly am.  This what a true Soul Mate does – they help us further awaken to the magnificent higher beings we truly are at our core.

So here’s a thought:

Let’s save YOUR Prince Charming some effort and begin removing the “junk” so that your true beauty shines like the magnificent star that you are!

The sooner you just accept yourself as you are now and begin to embrace all of you, the sooner the real you can begin to shine.

As Popey the Sailor man said “I am what I am”.

You are who you are.  You come as a package and you are a perfect match for your Soul Mate just as you are!

The reason that much of the love coaching work I do often focuses on identifying self-limiting judgments and beliefs and replacing them with ones that actually reflect who my Clients are is so that progressively more of their most magnificent, highest selves can shine.

It’s a wonderfully inspiring process.

Something you can do right now to turn on YOUR LOVE LIGHT:

I invite you to get up and go and look at yourself in the mirror.  Take a good long look.

Now smile at yourself and say,

“I accept myself with all of my strengths and weaknesses.  I fully accept myself as I am today.  I have endless love to give and I am open to be accepted and loved for who I truly am.”

There: You have just declared yourself to the universe.


You may want to write this down on a post it and put on your bathroom mirror and say it to yourself every morning out loud before you start your day.

As a good coaching friend of mine likes to say information without implementation is clutter.  No need to clutter your mind with more stuff.

Get into positive, self-affirming action and make the rest of today the best day of your life!

Next week’s post will continue this discussion.

See YOU next week.

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Comment by Stephen Light
January 24, 2012 @ 6:43 am

Hi Ron

What a difficult subject to tackle and de-mystify. Thank you. I completely agree with the statement, “The sooner you just accept yourself as you are now and begin to embrace all of you, the sooner the real you can begin to shine.” This resonates so deeply with me as it has been my path. The more I have come to love myself, the less I have had to please others and seek validation from them. This has freed me to be who I am and not who others want me to be.

Once again thank you for your illumination.

Love & Courage
Stephen Light

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