De-mystifying The Law of Attraction, Part Three


This is the third post in a series of articles on the Law of Attraction.  If you are a new subscriber or did not get the opportunity to read last the two previous posts, I recommend that you do so when your time and energy allows.

However, I understand just how busy everyone is so I have provided a brief summary of the two previous posts.

I have created this series of posts to “de-mystify” the law of attraction.  I have attempted provide a simple, practical explanation of my view of the Law of Attraction.

This is in response to requests from Clients, who asked me to do so.

A brief bullet point summary of the previous 2 posts follows.

  • It is my view that our own cognition is sufficient to answer the questions posed by our own existence. And that each of us is fully capable of accessing all of the deepest resources that exist within our souls and, yes, the universe.
  • Simply put the Law of Attraction is a combination of the interplay between free will and the Grace of God
  • What is “the Grace of God”?

From my world-view, “the Grace of God” manifests as the unseen forces that support life, inspire us to strive to live into our full potential, and awaken the almost endless capacities that live in the depths of our souls.

  • How do we “set our sail” to catch it?

If we want to have a living, daily experience of the powerful support of the Grace of God, then we ourselves must live graciously.

In order to access the ultimate, supportive power of the universe we can begin by cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude.

  • The importance of cultivating self-acceptance and self-love

One of the keys to attracting your Soul Mate is self-acceptance and self-love.  Your Soul Mate will be attracted to the “real You”.

You are who you are.  You come as a package and you are a perfect match for your Soul Mate just as you are!

The sooner you just accept yourself as you are now and begin to embrace all of you, the sooner the real you can begin to shine.

FYI:  Although I have done my best to summarize the most salient points of the previous posts, I sincerely believe that it is worth the time and effort it will take you to read them in their original form as I had to omit some exercises and a lot of information to reduce 2 posts into the space allocated.

Now on to: De-mystifying The Law of Attraction, Part Three

This post will focus on what I call “leaving others in freedom”.

Leaving others in freedom:

Leaving others in freedom simply means fully supporting their efforts toward their own fulfillment.

This requires fully accepting others for who they are.

Before we can truly accept anyone else for who they are, we must first accept ourselves for who we are.

It all comes back to you: how you view and treat your-self has a tremendous impact on your capacity to accurately see others and treat them accordingly!

Often our negative judgments of others really stem from negative judgments about ourselves.

An example from my own life:

At one time I had a very strong “perfectionist” tendency.

I was essentially afraid of failing.

Failing meant being judged negatively by others and I simply could not let that happen.

A natural consequence of my own fear of failure was that when working on projects with others, I always felt that I had to “micromanage” everyone else’s efforts so that the end result met my ridiculously high standards.

Until I developed a more patient, accepting view of myself, I was simply unable to truly trust others with important projects.  This made collaboration difficult, to say the least!

It also greatly limited my opportunities for true success.

Thankfully, I have grown to the point where I more fully accept myself for who I am, and as a consequence, I am now much more accepting and appreciative of the efforts of others.

This has had a profoundly positive impact on all of my relationships.

In this context, I want to acknowledge my loving wife.

Her unconditional support and acceptance of me for who I am –with all of my strengths and faults- has helped me grow into a much more balanced, open person.

I can honestly say that I am learning to leave others’ in freedom and that life is so much more fulfilling when things don’t have to be “prefect”! 

When it comes to attracting the Love of YOUR life, accepting and loving yourself for who you are combined with leaving others in freedom to be who they are, puts you in the position to be truly open to what’s possible.

Please take a moment to really let this in.

This is because people are naturally drawn to others who are open, accepting, and free from biased, overbearing judgments.

Who would you rather hang out with?

A person who just plain accepts you for who you are or a person for whom “its either their way, or the highway.”

What is this discussion bringing up for you?

I leave you with two thoughts:

  • Seek progress, not perfection
  • Seek what’s possible rather than what’s probable.

See you next week!

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Comment by Stephen Light
January 31, 2012 @ 7:35 am

Dear Ron

Again insightful. If we don’t love ourselves, who will. I would be interested in your view on “projection” beacuse it sits so well with your statement – “Often our negative judgments of others really stem from negative judgments about ourselves.”

Love the article thank you

Love & Courage

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