De-mystifying The Law of Attraction, Part One


Volumes have been written about the Law of Attraction.

Many of you are familiar with the film “The Secret”, a film that from my world-view, delineates a particular, albeit incomplete and misleading view of the Law of Attraction.

“The Secret” has been widely praised and promoted by many popular and influential entertainers and teachers, including Oprah.

This effort has helped forward the idea that we all can have more fulfilling lives through faith and the power of positive thinking.

For this I am very grateful.

However, as a life coach who promotes empowered living through conscious choice and enlisting the support of the universe, I feel compelled to share what I consider to be a more complete spiritually and scientifically sound view of the Law of Attraction.

Actually, many of my Clients have asked me to blog about my perspective on the Law of Attraction.  There you have it.

To this end, I have created a series of posts in an attempt to bring a more easily understood, complete, and practical view of the Law of Attraction to my readers.

For me, “The Secret” is a combination of truth, mythology, superstition, miss-represented spiritual and psychological principals, half-truths and slick marketing that has very little to do with the Law of Attraction, true spirituality, or the discoveries of modern science.

It was designed to sell and not to truly guide.

Even the title “The Secret” implies something hidden and mysterious.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It is my view that our own cognition is sufficient to answer the questions posed by our own existence. And that each of us is fully capable of accessing all of the deepest resources that exist within our souls and, yes, the universe.

So what is the Law of Attraction?

Simply put the Law of Attraction is a combination of the interplay between free will and the Grace of God. 

For those who prefer a less theological tone I will put forth that the Law of Attraction is a combination of the interplay between free will and the ever-present support of the unseen, yet powerful forces of the spiritual world.

Still here?

My meditation teacher, Eknath Easwaran, used to describe the interplay between our free will and the Grace of God thusly: “The Grace of God is a warm, gentle breeze that blows freely across the ocean of life; set your sail to catch it”.

Several questions arise:

  • What is “the Grace of God”?
  • How do we “set our sails to catch it”?
  • How will knowing any of this help me attract my Soul Mate?

What questions are coming up for you?

I will address each question.

Before proceeding, I feel that I must point out that the purpose of sharing all of this is not to convince you to accept my world-view.  Rather, my purpose is to pose questions and possible answers to stimulate your thinking and process of self-discovery.

Please recall that I am approaching this discussion from the perspective that:

Existential questions can best be answered by each one of us as we have experiences that either validate or dispel our beliefs.

The truth lives in you.  That is how you are able to distinguish the truth from the lie.  Because we are all different, our personal perspective on the truth varies.  We all look at life through a slightly different lenses.

A quote that has stuck with me for years:

“Minds are like parachutes; they work best when they are open”.

So I ask you to:

  • Follow this discussion with an open mind
  • Ask questions to understand rather than challenge
  • Accept only what clearly fits with your world view
  • Reject anything that you know from your own personal experience to be false
  • Put everything you are unsure about on a “shelf” in your mind until you have an experience that either proves or disproves its validity.

I believe that it is in asking questions and questioning answers that we can come to know the truth about anything relevant to our existence.

What is “the Grace of God”?

From my world-view, “the Grace of God” manifests as the unseen forces that support life, inspire us to strive to live into our full potential, and awaken the almost endless capacities that live in the depths of our souls.

How about you?

What experiences have you had that demonstrate the ever-present Grace of God?

How do we “set our sail” to catch it?

This is where the proverbial “rubber meets the road”.

If we want to have a living, daily experience of the powerful support of the Grace of God, then we ourselves must live graciously.

In order to access the ultimate, supportive power of the universe we can begin by cultivating a sincere attitude of gratitude.

Surely it can’t be that simple.

I assert that is just that simple.

What we appreciate, appreciates!

Think about it.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude increases our capacities to see things objectively.

An attitude of gratitude helps us really take stock of all of our blessings and fosters a calmer state of mind that allows us to clearly see the multitude of opportunities life puts at our doorstep.

Put another way:

A contented person is in more freedom to see things as they are instead as they need or would like them to be.

How will knowing any of this help me attract my Soul Mate?

Do you want to attract a generally contented, giving partner or one that is stingy, selfish, and never satisfied?

Which type of person would you prefer to raise a family with?


The choice is yours.

Next weeks’ post will continue our exploration of the Law of Attraction.

See YOU next week!

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