Creating YOUR Relationship Vision for the New Year, Part One


This is the last week of December 2011!

Where does the time go?

For many folks this is a time for setting positive intentions for the up coming year.  In America, we commonly refer to these intentions as New Year resolutions.

The problem – most of us just don’t follow through with the New Year resolutions we set.

What about you?

Do you have a clear vision of how you would like your life to be different if YOUR “Mr. Right” was by your side?

Let’s just cut to the chase.

Our “New Year Resolutions” often don’t come to fruition because:

  • They are not based on our true or core values
  • We lack a clear vision of what we really want
  • We consumed too much champagne during our New Year celebration and can’t remember what we resolved to accomplish – sorry this last entry was made in error, those responsible have been sacked.


When I talk about values I am not referring to moral and ethical standards of behavior or conduct, although a person can value acting from their own particular moral and/or ethical framework.

I am also not including standards of behavior you got from your parents, attending church, etc.  So to be clear we are not talking about standards for “right” and “wrong” behavior.

Rather values are the idiosyncratic beliefs, ideas, likes and dislikes, etc that make us who we are. Values reflect our priorities and often fully honoring a value may involve sacrifice.

No two people have exactly the same values.

Values are what make each of us unique.

Core Values:

Each of us has what I refer to as core values that define us as we are at this point in time.  This raises an important, and often, overlooked point.

Our values evolve over time based on our experiences.

Talk to any body who has been to war, done crisis work, or personally witnessed great human suffering or inspiring achievement and you will immediately realize that these experiences have helped to shape who these people are and what they’re about.

Significance of Understanding Your Values:

Simply put: Having a clear understanding of your unique values forms the foundation for a life that is very satisfying.

Knowing what is really important to you and why will help you to make decisions and set intentions that lead to outcomes that really satisfy you.  No more wishy-washy BS!

Having clarity about your values is crucial when it comes to establishing and maintaining intimate relationships.

The importance of developing a clear vision

Once we clearly understand what we value and why we can develop a clear vision of exactly what we truly want.

Having a crystal clear vision allows us to:

  • set specific goals
  • develop clearly defined, actionable steps
  • measure our progress and thus provides the basis for true accountability.

Clear intentions based on our core values form the foundation of self-directed living.

I encourage you to create relationship New Year resolutions founded on clear intentions based on your most deeply held values.

Next week’s post will continue this discussion and provide some powerful tools to support you in the relationship intentions you have set for the new year.

Happy New Year,

See you next week!

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Comment by JBL
December 30, 2011 @ 11:02 am

An excellent reminder of the importance of intentions as the New Year arrives. A clear vision is so essential to progress and true success, including in relationships. Thanks to all at Inspired Commitment … a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

Comment by Stephen Light
January 1, 2012 @ 7:44 am

Thank you Ron

Values are so simple and yet we complicate them. Thank you for the clarity as well as the guidance.

Love & Courage

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