Holiday Message

WELCOME! Here in America the Christmas Holiday is almost upon us. First, I would like to wish you and yours a happy holiday season. I would also like to thank you for subscribing to my blog. Todays post provides a gentle reminder to focus on what’s truly most important during the holiday season. I shared […]

Deepening YOUR Connection with Your Partner, Children, and Family

WELCOME! Here in America the Thanksgiving Holiday is almost upon us. What are you most thankful for? For me, I am present with my deep appreciation of my wife and stepson and our ever-deepening emotional connection. Building a mutually fulfilling romantic partnership and strong, meaningful family ties is not rocket science. All of us, myself […]

The Healing Power of Humor

WELCOME! Can humor actually serve as a tool to help move a couple in a ‘heated discussion’ closer together? If you really work at being fully present with and supportive of your partner when times are good, then when the proverbial you know what hits the fan you can usually find common ground, move closer together […]

From Struggle to Flow, Part Two

WELCOME! Personal empowerment is the rock on which strong, sustainable, deeply satisfying romantic partnerships are built. Last month I began a discussion of the 10 principles that have helped me and many of my Clients to move from struggle to flow: from just making it day-to-day to really thriving. In this month’s newsletter I will […]

From Struggle to Flow, Part One

WELCOME! Building a romantic partnership that is truly mutually empowering and mutually fulfilling can be very challenging. Raising children often compounds these challenges. Your success is totally in your hands. In this month’s newsletter I will begin a discussion of the 10 principles (I will cover 5 today and 5 in next month’s newsletter) that […]

From Disagreement to Mutually Fulfilling Solutions

WELCOME! Are you tired of having discussions with your partner that go ‘round and round’? Are you over trading ‘this for that’? Would you be interested in an approach to problem solving where you win, your partner wins and your relationship wins? If you answered yes to any of these questions today’s post is for […]

From Sabotage to Success

WELCOME! If you have ever felt that ‘you just can’t get out of your own way’ this post is for you. It’s been said that, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” I cannot over emphasize how important it is for couples striving to create truly mutually empowering romantic partnerships to cultivate ‘faith’ in […]

Life Balance and Romantic Partnership

WELCOME! Today’s post addresses what has recently become a very ‘hot topic’ with a good number of my Clients: “Life Balance”. So if you’re feeling overly stressed, just can’t seem to ‘catch up’, or would just like some ideas about how you can experience more of your life instead of just ‘being along for the […]

It’s the Striving that Matters!

WELCOME! Today’s post will introduce you to strategies and practices that will help you to build more sustainability into your romantic partnership. Adopting the strategies and practices that I am going to share are guaranteed to ‘breathe new life’ into any relationship. As a relationship coach who has been happily married for going on 11 […]

Spring, a Time for Renewal, Reflection, and Planning

WELCOME! Ah, spring. Flowers blooming, birds singing, life is bursting forth everywhere with renewed vigor. Love and renewal are in the air. Mutually empowering, committed romantic partnerships require ‘maintenance’ to remain fresh, vibrant and mutually fulfilling. Today’s post will provide some ‘tune up tips’ for your love life. As a relationship coach who has been […]

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