Autumn, A Time for Reflection and Self-Study


This week’s post will focus on the heightened drive toward ‘introspection’ that many people experience in autumn.

My subscribers who live in the southern hemisphere can also benefit from the ideas and exercises included in this post as they enjoy the warmth and glorious light of summer.

Today I will provide some ideas and activities to support you as you face the inner shifts that often surface during the autumn season.

For thousands of years humans from very diverse cultures have taken pause to connect with, and celebrate the autumn equinox.

In autumn the warmth of summer gives way to cooler, crisper weather.

Deciduous plants loose their leaves and go into a semi-dormant state in preparation for the cold and harshness of winter.

Creatures, large and small, earnestly gather food, migrate to more temperate climates, and make other preparations for the cold and foreboding conditions of winter.

Humans like wise make many ‘outward’ preparations to prepare for the harsh conditions that occur during the winter months in many parts of the world.

Our inner lives have seasons as well.

If you find yourself ‘slowing down a bit’, being more ‘introspective than normal’, feeling a little more melancholic than in summer and spring, or just notice a shift in your mood and/or consciousness- don’t worry, you are not loosing your mind!

All of this is perfectly normal.

Human conscious is inextricably linked to the seasons of our planet, the cycles of our solar system, and yes, the rhythms of the universe.

How to make the most of the ‘inner shifts’ that often accompany the autumn season:

  • Embrace YOUR ‘inner shifts’
  • Make extra time to reflect on your life and path forward
  • Be sensitive to and support those close to you in their ‘inner shifts’
  • Cultivate: courage, commitment, and faith

I invite you to embrace rather than avoid or resist YOUR ‘inner shifts’.

Consider the saying, “What we resist persists”.

From one perspective we actually invite the challenges that life continually brings us.


So, if you notice any of the following:

  • That you seem to be ‘wrestling more’ with negative thoughts and feelings than is typical for you
  • That you are a little more moody or that you feel a little ‘depressed’ or a little more ‘melancholic’ than is normal for you
  • That you need a little more alone time
  • That you are feeling a little more reflective or introspective
  • That you have a little less energy

Guess what? 

You are right where you are supposed to be; YOU are inwardly aligned with what I call the ‘seasons of human consciousness’.

Some ways to embrace and get the most out of YOUR ‘inner shifts’

  • Journal about your feelings, experiences, insights, and goals.
    This helps to ‘lock in’ the learning and provides ‘forward momentum’ to help you achieve your goals.
  • Take walks in nature and pay attention to the changes you observe in your surroundings.
    This will help to ‘ground your energies’ and bring more peace to your conscious awareness.
  • Join a men’s or women’s group and share your shifts and experiences.
    You will find that others are going through similar shifts in consciousness and mood. You may also find that you can support each other through these changes.
  • Read inspiring works, go to a museum and take in some art, take time to enjoy a ‘fall’ concert, attend an inspiring lecture, etc.
  • Take time to rest when you need it.

A growing body of research shows that a 20 minute ‘cat nap’ actually does re-energize a person at the cellular level.

Make extra time to reflect on your life and path forward.

I cannot stress this enough.

The answers to the existential and other questions and challenges that we attract into our lives exist within our own consciousness.

Introspection and reflection are time proven methods to discover the truth of our being.

In fact, the cultural foundations of both eastern and western cultures, not to mention the Native American and other native cultures of the world, are based on the deep, insightful self-discoveries attained through the basic process of asking questions and questioning answers.

You are and have everything you need to succeed, prosper, and find fulfillment.

Be sensitive and support those close to you in their ‘inner shifts’

I wouldn’t be worth my salt as a relationship coach and mentor if I did mention that most humans need a little more T.L.C. (tender, loving care) during the autumn and winter seasons.

I invite you to make an inner commitment to take the time to really connect with those around you.

One way to do this is to invite them to share about their lives and really listen to what they have to say without judgment and especially, without trying to solve their problems!

Your friends, family members, and colleagues will greatly appreciate your attention and sensitivity.

Cultivate: courage, commitment, and faith

Facing ourselves is often not easy.

Answering the inner call to meditate, reflect, and consider our lives and our futures is all too easy to simply avoid. 

It takes courage and self- love to do so.

Ignoring ‘the call to consider our lives’ will not make it go away.

Rather it will simply resurface again and again until we listen and act.

I will also add that the rewards of  ‘answering the call to consider our lives’ can, and usually does, lead to very fulfilling life changes.

I invite you to dig deep, and to find the courage to look at yourself and your life.

I further invite you to face the ‘hard’ questions as they arise, get into uncomfortable, imperfect action and move forward as you are inspired to do so.

We only truly fail when we give up!

Take advantage of the opportunity life has placed on your doorstep!

Commit to a positive future.

Make the commitment to hold onto your dreams, aspirations, and commit to a positive, fulfilling future.

Have faith in yourself and the ever-present support of universe in your quest for love and fulfillment.

Cultivate faith in your fellow man.

As my friend and colleague, Stephen Light, would say: Love and courage!

I sincerely hope that you found this post inspiring and useful.

I invite you to support our community by posting a comment or question on my blog. I am here if you need me.

See you next week.

Live, connect, love and prosper


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