An ‘Inner Shift’ that Made All the Difference


Coaches often talk about ‘inner shifts’ as important vehicles for ‘living into’ or ‘manifesting’ more fulfilling futures.

In plain English, an ‘inner shift’ is basically a change in how we view ourselves, situations, events, etc that leads to new, previously unseen options and solutions to life’s challenges.

Almost any experience can prompt such changes in perspective and one never knows when life will throw us one of these potentially life changing ‘curves’.

My recent experience with ‘house hunting’ provided me with just such an opportunity.

The lessons I learned are ‘priceless’ and worth sharing.

My wife recently secured a wonderful job that requires us to move.

Anyone who has had to move to a new town, has probably experienced the ‘stress’ associated with the process of finding a new place to live, getting moved in, and adjusting to their new environment.

Just thinking about all of the challenges of moving can make your head spin!

Since my past experiences with house hunting have generally been very stressful I was preparing inwardly for more of the same.

Life challenged my view of what is possible by providing a completely unanticipated experience:

To make a long story short, a few weeks ago we were beginning the process of house hunting.  We were shown two homes, one of which was right for us, but was not yet ‘officially’ listed.

Naturally, we played some ‘phone tag’ with the landlord.

Finally, while driving home the landlord called back and my wife talked with him.

During this conversation the landlord told her that he and his wife had spent the last 5 months renovating the home we had just seen ‘for a very special family’.  There was a pause in the conversation and my wife acknowledged how wonderful that was.

He then said, “That family is you.”

Now my wife is a very special person who has made a wonderful, powerful impression on our new community.

When it finally really sunk in that before even seeking a place to live, the universe had literally been preparing a home for us, I decided to rethink what is possible for our future.

My sincere hope is that by sharing this story from my own life that you will be inspired to ‘think outside’ of the box of past experiences and the inevitable expectations that follow and allow yourself to see yourself and your future from the perspective of possibility.

Two lessons I learned:

  • Don’t allow past, negative experiences to dictate what is possible for you today and in the future.
  • Being open to possibility allows the universe to align with your deepest desires and provide for your needs in ways we can rarely fully anticipate.


I’ll leave you with a quote from my yet to be completed book, ‘The Road to Freedom’:

‘The realm of the mind is probability.  The realm of the heart is possibility.  Surrender your mind to your heart and realize true empowerment through inspiration.’

What is your heart trying to tell you?

I invite you to support our community by posting a comment on my blog.  Join the ‘occupy your heart movement’ and live from your heart.

See YOU next week!

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