About Ron

Ron Capocelli, Relationship Specialist

Ron Capocelli, Relationship Coach


The Mission

My mission is to promote conscious, loving, mutually empowering, committed relationships.


I help people committed to long-term romantic partnership to build deeply satisfying relationships that will stand the test of time.


Why I Can Help YOU Build the Relationship of Your Dreams

I walk my talk.

cherish my relationship with my wife, and work very hard to nurture our relationship.  

I identified and overcame my own unique obstacles to mutually empowering love so I am in a unique position to help those striving to build truly satisfying romantic partnerships to achieve their goals.

Since my own path to true, lasting love was long and circuitous, I know just how hard and frustrating our heart’s quest for true, lasting love can feel. 

I constantly strive to improve the quality of all of my relationships. 

I get to live with my best friend and so can you!


My Most Salient Personal Values and Beliefs

  • Life and interpersonal relationships are gifts to be cherished and nurtured.

I don’t want to celebrate a friend’s life at a memorial service after he or she has passed on, but here and now.  I want to acknowledge those I have the privilege of knowing for who they are and what they bring.

  • I believe that to live fully is to Love fully.
  • I am a life long learner who deeply values self-development.

I believe that we get what we intend so if our lives are not what we want then it is our responsibility to take the “bull” by the horns and bring our intentions and resulting actions in line with what we truly value and believe.

Our thoughts have a profound impact on what we experience in the present and determine how our futures will unfold.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.

If I don’t manage the realm of my mind, it will manage me.

I go out dancing, play music, make love, but in the end I understand that my life is my responsibility.

  • I value living life to the fullest while always trying to maintain a perspective of gratitude.

I am very grateful for all of the opportunities and gifts that fill my life and sincerely want to assist my fellow man whenever I can.  This is why I choose to be a relationship coach.

My work as a coach allows me to be part of the work of self-directed human transformation and is fulfilling beyond measure.

It brings me great joy to connect with other self aware people and be part of the transformation that inevitably takes place as they tap their deepest inner resources and move forward toward their relationship and other life goals.

Major Accomplishments

I am an accomplished relationship coach with over 500 hours of professional individual coaching experience.

I bring over 17 years of professional counseling experience and community organization work to my coaching, mentoring, and teaching practice.

I overcame some severe learning disabilities and a very troubled home life to eventually become an honor student and sought after counselor, life coach, mentor, teacher and musician/audio engineer & producer.  I believe that these challenges have helped me to develop my capacities to compassionately connect with and assist my fellow man.

I am most proud of my service to humanity.

Education, training, schools, credentials, & significant contributions

CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) April 2010, completed The Certification Program at The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, California

Additional Relevant Education and Training

  • Currently pursuing NVC (Nonviolent Communication) Training through the NVC Academy.
  • Certificate of Completion, Foundation Studies, Eugene, OR, June 2006 First year of Waldorf Teacher Training  (relevant due to its strong emphasis on human development and socially conscious action)
  • Created and taught Adaptive Living Skills, an acclaimed self-care community college course that focused on stress management, nutrition, conscious communication, and mutually empowering relationships.
  • Seventeen plus years of professional, community based counseling experience
  • BA, Psychology, California State University, Stanislaus, Magna Cum Laude, Dec. 1977.
Simply put, my mission is twofold:
One: assist highly motivated, successful, self-aware single men in their quest to find a loving, mutually fulfilling, committed relationship with an appropriate Life Partner.