A Story of TRUE Love


A couple weeks ago at a networking event I met a wonderful, deeply in-love couple that shared a very inspiring story of true love.

Even though I was given permission to share their story and encouraged to use their names, I have changed their names to protect their identities and privacy.

As always, this particular networking event was packed with folks from various fields of endeavor seeking connection and opportunity.

About 40 minutes into the event I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and interacting with Joanne, a tax attorney, who had left a large tax firm to start her own practice so that she could spend more time with her eight-year old son.

When Joanne found out that I was a “love and relationship coach”, she asked me if she could share her story of “true love”.

How could I refuse!

Later that evening I also had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with her partner, James, and the pair of them just exuded love, joy, and gratitude for their lives together.

Joanne and I talked for over 40 minutes.  She was very curious about my work as a love and relationship coach and we had one of those special, instant, mutually meaningful connections.

Joanne shared that she had divorced her first husband primarily because he clearly wasn’t “into the family thing”.

She went on to tell me that she had been raising a wonderful son and focusing on him and her career.

She continued by pointing out that she had tried various dating “strategies” and had decided that a loving, committed relationship with another man just “wasn’t in the cards” at that point in time.

So for over two years she focused on her son and her career with the firm inner knowledge that the right man would show up when the time and circumstances were right.

She never let go of her dream of a mutually, fulfilling, committed, loving relationship with the right man.

As part of her efforts to promote her own personal and professional growth, she attended a weekend workshop where she met James, a clinical psychologist, who was also divorced and “available”.

James had also tried various dating strategies and just hadn’t met anyone he really wanted to commit to.

Like Joanne, James, had decided to take a “break” from the dating scene to focus on his teaching practice and self-development.  He too, had made an inner commitment to being in a committed, loving relationship with the right woman at some point in the future.

Now Joanne and James felt an “instant connection” to each other and both had a strong conscious belief that real relationships take time to develop.

So they exchanged contact information and began spending limited time together.  Living in the same town made that process easier although both of them told me that they would have moved if that had not been the case.

Guess what?  Joanne and James are now living together and plan to get married!  James and Joanne’s son are great buddies and really enjoy doing things together.  The “family thing” clearly is important to James!

What strikes me as note worthy is that both Joanne and James:

  • Never gave up on their vision of a mutually, fulfilling, loving, committed relationship with the right person.
  • Met life in the moment and set priorities based on their current needs and situations.
  • Proceeded with patience, faith, and hope when a potential partner presented themselves.

What stands out for you?

For me, some of the most salient lessons of their story are:

  • True love can happen for anyone at any time
  • Having a vibrant dream of your ideal relationship and open heart are two keys to seizing the moment when it’s your turn.
  • Your Soul Mate is out there and will be attracted to and love you for who you are.
  • Every woman deserves a man who truly cherishes and adores her, no need to settle for less
  • Every man deserves a woman who respects and loves him – again, no need to settle for less.

So during this week of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to rekindle YOUR vision of true love, and to find peace in knowledge that it can happen any time.


As I like to say, “What we hold dear is always near”.

Blessings on your life, work, and relationships.

See you next week!

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Comment by Stephen Light
November 29, 2011 @ 7:42 am

Beautiful story of believing in what you want and being committed to it.

Love & Courage

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